Bigbeat respects the value of information and constantly strives to thoroughly manage and protect information on a routine basis. Also, regarding specific personal information, Bigbeat fully recognizes the importance of management and protection to respect its value, and Bigbeat shall implement the following measures in order to provide our customers and our employees with a sense of security.

  1. Name of Company
    Bigbeat Inc.
  2. Compliance with applicable laws, guidelines, etc.
    Bigbeat shall comply with the applicable laws and guidelines and other rules concerning the handling of specific personal information enacted by the national government and local governments.
  3. Purpose of use
    Bigbeat shall use specific personal information only for the following administrative procedures stipulated by the applicable laws concerning the handling of specific personal information:
         1. Preparation of a declaration form, application form, registration statement, instrument and other documents related to tax affairs;
         2. Preparation of declaration form, application form, registration statement, notification form and other documents related to social security;
         3. Preparation of document related to disaster countermeasures
  4. Establishment of organizational structure on safety management measures
    Bigbeat shall establish the organization management system for proper handling of specific personal information taking into consideration the contents and scale of business.
  5. Implementation of safety management measures
    Upon acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion or disposal of specific personal information, Bigbeat shall take sufficient measures to implement appropriate handling while observing prescribed rules and regulations.
  6. Business contact for questions and grievance procedure
    Regarding complaints and consultations on specific personal information, so as to resolve the problem, Bigbeat shall make efforts to respond appropriately and promptly by appointing specialized responsible persons in addition to the general personal information inquiries window.

Established on December 21, 2015
Bigbeat Inc.
President and CEO: Yutaka Hamaguchi

Contact Information for consultation or grievances concerning the handling or disclosure of personal information
Bigbeat Inc. Privacy Mark Accreditation: No.10830384(08)
Chief administrator of specific personal information: Administrator of personal information Protection: Satoshi  Ohori
New Otani GARDEN COURT. 22F 4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo102-0094
TEL: +81-3-3222-8877 (9:30 to 18:00 on weekday)