The principles of Personal Information Protection
Bigbeat Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Bigbeat") in order to support sales promotion activities conducted by client companies and educational promotion activities conducted by various organizations, conducts business activities centered on receiving and managing subscriptions from entrants to campaigns and events, and various investigations and information dissemination work to consumers. Personal information acquired from customers through business activities and personal information of Bigbeat's employees (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") are very important information assets for us and we believe that protecting such Personal Information securely is an important social responsibility of Bigbeat.
Therefore, Bigbeat shall treat all Personal Information acquired through our business activities in accordance with the following policy, and regarding the protection of Personal Information, Bigbeat shall aim to provide "safety" to our customers and our employees, and therefore Bigbeat will fulfill our social responsibilities.
  1. Regarding acquisition, use, provision and consignment of Personal Information
    • Bigbeat will perform it by lawful and fair means within the extent necessary for attaining the purpose of use.
    • Bigbeat shall not use the acquired Personal Information for anything other than its purpose.
    • Bigbeat shall take appropriate measures to prevent an unintended use.
    • Bigbeat shall use it after obtaining new agreement for a new purpose of use when an unintended use becomes necessary.
    • Business contents dealing with Personal Information:
      1. Planning and management work of campaigns and events;
      2. Marketing work;
      3. Database construction work;
      4. Consortium management work;
      5. Public relations work;
      6. Recruitment activities of employees engaged in our business (hereinafter referred to as "Employees");
      7. Employee management work
    • Purpose of use of personal information in regard to contract work for clients:
      1. For the management of events
      2. For the lottery result notification of a campaign
      3. For market research by direct marketing and dissemination of product information
      4. For database construction
      5. For consortium operation management
      6. For public relations
      *Bigbeat Inc. has no authority to disclose the above personal informational. Purpose of use of personal information retained by Bigbeat Inc.
      1. For the management of events hosted by Bigbeat Inc.
      2. For market research by direct marketing
      3. For the distribution of information regarding our services
      4. For contacting our business partners
      5. In order to respond to enquiries
      6. For the selection of recruitment of Employees
      7. For Employee's labor management
      *We will notify you of the above purpose of use at the time that the personal information is acquired.
    • Acquiring measures:
      1. Application and inquiries from customers (website, e-mail, phone, FAX, postal mail);
      2. Cooperation by questionnaire (website, e-mail, phone, FAX, postal mail, submission of document);
      3. Submission of business cards;
      4. Outsourcing from another business operator etc.;
      5. Submission of document from recruitment applicants;
      6. Submission of document from the Employees
    • Presence or absence of offering and outsourcing:
      1. Undertaking of data input or undertaking of direct marketing (survey, information dissemination);
      2. Undertaking of transportation, shipping and posting work;
      3. Undertaking of print service;
      4. Dispatch of the management staff to an event site;
      5. Undertaking of Employee's labor management work for health insurance society, implementing agency of medical checkup, and social insurance office.
      For such smooth execution of work, Bigbeat may select consignees that meet the standards set by us and may re-consign the work under appropriate supervision.
  2. Regarding the laws, and other guidelines specified by the government (hereinafter referred to as "Laws etc.")
    • Bigbeat shall strive constantly to grasp the Laws etc. related to the business dealing with Personal Information, and notify Employees, business partners and comply with them.
  3. Regarding the safety management of Personal Information
    • Regarding the prevention of leakage, implement thorough measures for computers, networks, facilities and equipment.
    • In order to reliably prevent loss or damage, prepare for disasters, impediments, etc. In addition, maintain safe backup of information and prepare in case of unexpected problems.
    • Implement inspections, and promptly rectify the detected violations, incidents and accidents, and also implement preventive measures against weaknesses.
    • Ensure safety education for Employees and business partners.
  4. Regarding complaints and consultation
    • Respond appropriately and promptly about inquiries.
  5. Regarding continuous improvement
    • Bigbeat's protection management system of Personal Information shall monitor and review the compliance status of internal regulations to achieve the protection policy of Personal Information, and also endeavor to find violations, incidents, accidents and weaknesses, and conduct the review by the managers. Bigbeat will reflect such process in the control measures and internal regulations and make efforts to continuously improve the protection management system of Personal Information.
    • As for improvement, Bigbeat shall comply with Laws etc. and JIS Q 15001.

Established on October 2, 2006
Revised on January 9, 2020 Bigbeat Inc.
President and CEO: Yutaka Hamaguchi

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