Thinking as One—A Web Business Born Anew

Creo Co., Ltd.
Website design - A Web Business Born Anew

Thinking as One—A Web Business Born Anew

Creo Co., Ltd. was established through the merger of 5 consolidated subsidiary companies.
From website to timing, preparations began for its renewal. Companies with different presidents and different ways of thinking were to become one. As a group, the amount of information and services offered were vast and each their own. We wanted to find a way to easily express the newborn Creo. We made the role of the company site clear, and redirected to separate sites for details of services. We focused on expressing the new company’s way of thinking and work through discussions on how they could contribute to society.

The web creation took about 4-5 months, surpassing more than 100 pages. The Web Director said in reflection, “We were able to work and build up the site together due to having an excellent system set up with the staff. They had a deep understanding of web creation and clearly voiced their desires to us. We were able to read between the lines to capture the company president’s thoughts. I believe it’s because of this great communication that we were able to organize all the information so well and express the website in a fluid way.”

    Creo Co., Ltd.
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