Japan and Vietnam: Teamwork Without Walls

JFE Holdings, Inc.


Japan and Vietnam: Teamwork Without Walls

Responsible for strategic planning, risk management, and external accountability, JFE Holdings is the headquarters of JFE Group, which conducts business in the iron and steel industry, engineering industry, and trading industry. Beginning with JFE Steel, the world’s top class integrated iron and steel maker, JFE Group plays an active role in the world with Asia at the core, and has exhibited in the international environmental exhibitions for the many affiliated countries of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO). The host country this time was Vietnam. 
To support the management of the 10+ people gathered by JFE Holdings from the business company and the local office, Bigbeat’s administrative staff-in-charge strived to provide local information and assistance, and progress with quality in mind. Through direct communication with our local partners, both speed and cost were optimized.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is a city that continues to see an improving infrastructure.
“Whether it’s in Japan or even Vietnam, if there is a reliable partnership, high-quality planning and management is possible.”

    JFE Holdings, Inc.
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