“ZUKEN digital SESSIONS 2020”: a successful 9-days online event for users and partners


Under the corporate message “The Partner of Success”, ZUKEN INC., as a comprehensive IT solution company for manufacturing, is resolutely endeavoring to challenge difficult tasks and to be a supportive and trustworthy partner for manufacturing companies that want to succeed worldwide.  
Due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, physical events held yearly in IT and manufacturing industries have been suspended, and the company decided promptly to launch its online event, “ZUKEN digital SESSIONS 2020” as soon as possible. The event had a great success, and hosted a lot of contents, such as sessions on the latest technology trends, electronic and electrical design, IT engineering, user’s case studies, and development roadmaps about ZUKEN INC.’s product. 

Online Event

Main contents of the online event

・Streaming of time-limited video according to the timetable 
 1)    User’s case studies, technology trends (10 sessions)
 2)    ZUKEN INC.’s business and vision (2 sessions)
・24-hours video streaming during the event period
      1)    Roadmaps of ZUKEN INC.’s products (9 sessions)
      2)    ZUKEN INC’s new products (7 sessions)
      3)    Presentations by ZUKEN INC.'s technical partners (8 sessions)

While the physical event that was held every year for two days until last year, this event was held for nine days, taking advantage of the online streaming. Also, it was held over 24 hours/ day, including the weekend, so that people who could not watch it during working hours, had the opportunity to enjoy it anyway.
As a result, the online system encouraged people from all over the Country, including people who live far from the capital city, to participate. It was a key factor, which greatly increased the number of visitors (viewers).

Bigbeat’s Support

・Management of the online event using KODOU
 1) Recording direction, operation and On-demand video streaming
 2) Customization of the system according to client’s needs and requests 
  - Integration with the CRM system (customer management system) owned by the ZUKEN INC.
  - KODOU system customization in order to acquire all the logs of visitors who watched the lecture video (clicks)
           - Real time details and behaviour history of each visitor (e.g., viewing time) 
           - Selection of the main leads 
           - Elimination of the chat tool next to the main video and substituting it with videos related to the main video
 3) Online event secretariat

Evaluation of Bigbeat’s Service

By integrating Bigbeat’s KODOU system and the ZUKEN INC.’s CRM system, it was possible to check visitor information and behaviour history in real time. It was a great achievement, and the sales staff could analyze visitor’s information and lead and follow up quickly.

Prospects for ZUKEN INC.’s future online events

Starting from the next year, ZUKEN INC. is planning to run both physical and online events together and providing and sharing useful information to a wider audience of users and partners.
Furthermore, although “ZUKEN digital SESSIONS 2020” was the first online event held during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a great success. Not only the number of registrants exceeded the estimated number, but also the enthusiasm of the viewers exceeded the physical event.
The response was great, and ZUKEN INC. has high hopes for future events. Online events have unique benefits, such as the acquisition of detailed lead information in real time, and the flexible customization of KODOU system, such as the integration with CRM systems, have been highly appreciated by the client.