2020.10.15 release

From online event system to event management: KODOU

Bigbeat Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of “KODOU”, Bigbeat’s Online Event Support System

On October 15, 2020, Bigbeat Inc. started to offer “KODOU” (“heartbeat” in Japanese), a service that supports webinars and online events.
It is a package of in-house developed platform, system operation, and event management.


Reasons why we recommend KODOU


It is an ideal platform for online events such as product/solution introduction, in-house kick-offs, anniversary events, recruitment and so on. 

If you are facing the following problems when holding an online event, please consider KODOU! 

- Don’t know where to start from, due to lack of experience. 
- Have no ideas on which platform to choose. 
- Wish to expose content over a period of time, instead of delivering it just once.
- Want to leave diverse and  complicated operations to one partner. 


About KODOU 


- An in-house developed platform
- System support by dedicated staff
- Event management with 25 years of experience

KODOU is a service that can support online events collectively with the above three points as a package. 

With over 25 years of experience supporting the physical marketing events of leading B2B companies, we have expanded functions to enhance online communications for a better service. We will realize a communication design that makes you feel the heartbeat online.



- Live distribution, on-demand distribution, and exhibition in just one tool.
In addition to real-time communication, it is also possible to have the content exposed for a certain period of time.

- System support by experienced operation and management staff
The burden of preparation such as various settings and mail delivery is greatly reduced. 

- Event logs, such as chat history and video browsing history, can be acquired. 

- An in-house studio situated at our office is available for recording/streaming.
We can also prepare distribution configuration diagrams, distribution scripts, staff arrangements, and so on.

Privacy Mark certified company (Japan Industrial Standards; JIS Q 15001: Personal Information Protection Management System)
Under Privacy Mark, we have been working on appropriate personal information protection and management (read here for more information about Privacy Mark).

For more information, please click below (Japanese only):

For inquiries regarding KODOU:

Bigbeat Inc.
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+81 3-3222-8877