“Building Together Japan 2020”: Connecting company and users in one team through online events


published: January 2021

GRAPHISOFT is an industry-leading company in CAD software solution for architecture and design, with the headquarter in Budapest, Hungary. 
“Building Together” is GRAPHISOFT’s corporate slogan and it has been set by the company as the key concept of their first online event, a presentation for users about all their latest products, services and solutions developed by the company. 

Online Event

Main contents of the online event 

・Greetings from Representative Director of Japanese branch, Mr. Bence Kovács
・New products overview
・Customer success
・Case Studies
・Products demonstration
・Q&A session

“Building Together 2020”: strengths and results

This event, whose strong point was the "reality" (i.e., as it was holding physically), has been broadcasted completely live, except for the greetings of the representative director and a few customer’s case studies. The on-demand video distribution and the online exhibition was opened only for two days, from October 1st to October 2nd, 2020. 
Although the event website was opened for a very limited period, the number of registrants increased by about 1.7 times and the number of visitors (viewers) increased by about 1.5 times, compared to GRAPHISOFT’s offline events usually hold.

According to the company, the digital broadcasting eased people from all over Japan (including distant places such as Hokkaido region, Kyūshū region, Okinawa, etcetera) to participate to the event, and it has been the main reason of such a great attendance. 

In addition, the company has set up a Q&A session using a chat tool, which made it easier for customers to ask questions and opinions. It was indeed one of the big benefits that allowed to listen to user’s opinions in real time.
It was interesting to see users exchanging opinions and information though the chat during sessions. Thus, the chat tool became a double communication tool: not only among the hosting company and the users, but also between users themselves. It is a merit of online events, probably. 

Bigbeat’s Support

1) Management of the online event using KODOU
-Recording direction
-On-demand video upload and streaming
-Logistics (Venue arrangements, etc.)

2) Online event secretariat
-Visitors application management
- Exhibition management, etc.

Evaluation of Bigbeat’s service

GRAPHISOFT has appreciated the use of KODOU service, providing them with the total support from the preparation, recording and broadcast of streams to event secretariat operations, such as email distribution.

Prospects for GRAPHISOFT’s future online events

Mixing online and offline, GRAPHISOFT aims to takes the advantages of both to reach even more customers and increase their level of satisfaction. 
This event has been an opportunity for GRAPHISOFT to provide all the necessary information to support the creation of an environment, where the company+ users + customers (partners etc) could work as one team and be able to create even better and greater buildings together. 
It was also the place where to present the latest products, with updated functions, and strengthened Japanese specification contents, aimed to improve usability. 
Furthermore, by holding it online, “Building Together 2020” has been a very important opportunity to connect GRAPHISOFT and users, as well as users and users, and actively exchange opinions and information among each other.