Challenges in Healthcare Digital Transformation: the virtual event hosted by Google Cloud Japan G.K.

Google Cloud Japan G.K.

published: April 2021

Google Cloud Japan G.K. develops the cloud computing service "Google Cloud Platform" provided by Google in the Japanese market.
Taking advantage of the evolution of Google technology embedded and integrated in the Google Cloud, it helps all companies modernize their IT and transform and innovate their businesses.

In the field of healthcare and life sciences, Google Cloud Japan G.K. is also partnering with related organizations in order to accelerate the digital transformation of this industry and help building a safer world.

Google Cloud Japan G.K. hosted "Google Cloud INSIDE Healthcare & Life Sciences", a virtual event for companies aimed at promoting digital transformation (DX) in the healthcare industry.

Google Cloud Japan G.K.
Online Event

Main contents of the virtual event 

・ Healthcare & Life Science Initiatives on Google Cloud
・ Challenges of AI-based hospitals (Lecture)
・ How the healthcare cloud should be (Lecture)

In order to provide useful information to people in the medical industry, Google Cloud Japan G.K.’s virtual event consisted of sessions on the latest healthcare solutions provided by Google Cloud and the latest challenges discussed by professionals in the field.

The event talked about very real stories, such as how to improve operations and how to create new customer experiences. Also, the feedback by the participants were very positive, proof that the content of the event was meaningful for them.

Bigbeat’s Support

1) Recording support
  ・ Using our recording and broadcasting studio, Rockup! Studio (each speaker participates remotely with Google Meet)
2) Video editing
3) Video streaming direction on the event day
  ・Event management and broadcast using Google Cloud's webinar tool
  (From system settings-support to production and distribution)
  ・Live event management: responses to inquiry, chat, numerical report
4) Virtual event secretariat service (speaker and participants)

In detail, Bigbeat Inc. edited video and pictures in order to improve the creativeness and the appeal of the event.
Also, during the recording phase, we connected the speakers, throughout Google Meet, to our studio “Rockup! Studio”, providing a video recording support remotely. From the scheduling people who will be connected from a remote location to video streaming, always giving tips and adjusting the appearance of speakers. Our technical support included giving the speakers their cues, volume adjustment, etc.
After the streaming, the exported videos have been edited. The editing was done according to the program of the event, in order to communicate the atmosphere of the event and improve the quality of the event itself. For instance, we pop up the speaker’s face in a circle, or added effects when switching slide materials. 

In addition, the secretariat support was based on our 25-years know-how, ensuring the best service the participants at the event. Moreover, our sales representative acted as a hub with the client.

Google Cloud Japan G.K. continues to provide high-quality information take advantage of virtual events. In the healthcare industry sector, it is projected to become an increasingly popular company.