2022.8.22 Interview

5 key points for successful B2B Conferencing in Japan -Event Venue

Today, they talked about organizing conferences for B2B business in Japan. At this article, we will introduce the current situation, including the crowding situation and the need for venue reservations.

Video Summary index:
- There are a lot of venues for B2B event in Tokyo.
- Case studies

There are a lot of venues for B2B event in Tokyo.

tokyo station

In person events are obviously increasing again in Japan.
Hotel and Convention Centers are common choices for organizing B2B meetings or conferences. In Tokyo, there are new venues that were built for the Olympics, so, there is a lot of venues in Tokyo, and all over Japan as well.

Yuko and Colin said that they have been getting a lot of inquiries and discussion about doing physical events this year with their clients. And a lot of companies who are planning to organize their own event are targeting the same venues. The popular venues are being booked up to a half a year in advance. However, before COVID-19, for large-scale events, we used to book a year ahead. So, that means if you are going to have an event this year, you should find a venue and book it right now. Colin said, “you probably should have booked it yesterday!”

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However, which venue is suitable for your event depends on your target or theme or what kind of event you want to plan etc. We have several event venues lined up, so we would like you to contact us for more information.

We hope you understand that Japanese people tend to plan things out, so it is better to allow a little leeway in order to plan properly.

*At hotels, they take COVID-19 infection prevention seriously. So, it is one of the better choices, especially when you plan to organize a large-scale event.

*We have also used a traditional Japanese banquet hall for B2B conferences and a temple for B2B events for welcome parties. Please feel free to contact us to find the suitable venue for your event.

Colin talked with Yuko

Case studies

Shibuya Stream Hall (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Cheetah Digital who provides marketing solutions to the Japan market and all over the world hosted their new solution’s launch event.
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act square (Ebisu, Tokyo)
IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan) organized “Unexplored meeting”. They began the “Unexplored IT Talent: Discovery and Cultivation Project.” in 2000, and this event was held part of this project. At onsite day, over 1,600 innovative creators visited to attend it.
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Conference room (Otemachi, Tokyo)
Information Services International – Dentsu (ISID) organized FIBC which is an event that showcases pitches from up-and-coming distinguishable, as well as already flourishing, start-up businesses in the FinTech industry.
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For your instance, we used to use for large-scale conferences;
- Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel (Shibuya, Tokyo)
- The Westin Tokyo (Ebisu, Tokyo)
- ANA InterContinental Tokyo (Roppongi, Tokyo)
- Hilton Tokyo Odaiba Hotel (Odaiba, Tokyo)
- The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu (Yokohama, Kanagawa) etc.