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A gateway to the ASEAN market: Bigbeat Bangkok

Bigbeat Bangkok TeamBigbeat Bangkok Team

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is become one of the main centers for commerce in the South-East Asia, with a constantly growing economy and a government strongly supporting it. Thanks for its convenient location, the Thai city makes its atmosphere excellent for the trade environment. 

Also, digital transformation is the strong point of the “Thailand 4.0” project, which is raising the competitiveness of the Country even more. 

In this scenario, two years ago, Bigbeat Inc. decided to establish its first overseas office right in Bangkok, to wide and improve our offer to our customers: not only Japan, but also Thailand and ASEAN Countries

We have interviewed Mr. Hideaki “Charlie” Kaneko, the CEO and Managing Director of Bigbeat Bangkok, to better understand what they do and how their services could help your company to get into ASEAN market. 

If your company is interested in Japanese market, Thailand and other ASEAN market, do not hesitate to contact us!

Bigbeat Bangkok Office

Interviewer: Hello Charlie. Thank you for your time today. First of all, I would like to ask what the core business of Bigbeat Bangkok is.

Bigbeat Bangkok is a B2B marketing agency, currently helping mainly Japanese companies enter in the Thai and ASEAN market. 
Basically, we offer three main services:
•    B2B Marketing consulting (Localization, Marketing Strategy)
•    Event Marketing (lead Generation)
•    Digital Marketing (Branding, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Video contents).

Interviewer: Which are the main industries you work with and which are your main customers?

Charlie: We are now mainly working with Beauty, IT and Technologies and Energy industries. Our main clients are Japanese companies aiming to enter into the Thai and ASEAN market, but, in cooperation with the office in Japan, we would also like to help B2B global companies entering in the ASEAN market too.

Interviewer: So, you deal also with other ASEAN Countries. What are the main markets besides Thailand?

Charlie: Yes, we also have some experience with other ASEAN Countries
Even if our focus market is still Thailand, we also provide service and assistance in other ASEAN countries, especially Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam. In these countries, we take part to the main trade shows and events, as well as provide customized Social Media and digital marketing services. For instance, we helped the Japanese IT product “
kintone” to expand in Jakarta. Not only we are currently managing the Social Media (mainly the Facebook page) and the website in Indonesian, but, firstly, we localized and designed the company brand to better fit to the market. The goal of this strategy is to increase the Brand awareness and generate buzz and world of mouth around this brand.
"Awan Kinton": Localizing the product to fit the Vietnamense target

Which are the main trade shows you took part in the past 2 years?

Charlie: In Thailand we often participate at the main IT trade fairs, such as CEBIT ASEAN Thailand, with the booth area “Japan Recommend IT”. This is an area inside the trade fair dedicated to Japanese companies who want to promote their products and/or services in the Thai and ASEAN market. 
Also, in the beauty field, we participate every year to the ASEAN Beauty (Ed. Now 
COSMOPROF CBE ASEAN Thailand), organizing the “Japan Recommend” area.
Actually, our main objective is not just building the event booth, but our focus is mainly on the Business Development, both during and after the event

ASEAN Beauty: "Japan Recommend"

So, you do not only design and organize the booth, but you provide a whole service before, during and after the event, do not you?

Charlie: Yes, we not merely prepare and organize the booth for the event itself, but we combine it with digital marketing activities. For instance, we manage the Social Media channels (mainly Facebook page), the blog, the design and, in some case, we call influencers and bloggers in order to increase the visibility of the brand. The final goal is Business Development.
Of course, it depends on the client’s need and goal. When we receive the first contact, we usually ask to the clients the vision of the company and the reason they want to enter in the Thai or ASEAN market, then their goal(s) and target. Together, we define what to do, and especially, how to do. 

Hideaki "Charlie" Kaneko at CEBIT ASEAN Thailand 2019 at Kinton booth.

Interviewer: After two years, can you tell us what is the main goal for the future? 

Charlie: The initial main goal for Bigbeat was going global. Thailand is probably the first step to reach this goal. Similar to the Japanese office, also at our Thai office we are investing on young people, encouraging them do the job they want with their efforts. In the future, I hope that Thai and Japanese staff could exchange their opinions in order to figure out how to expand Bigbeat in more foreign countries.  

Bigbeat Bangkok Team at work!

Interviewer: What about the overlooks of Bigbeat Bangkok?

Charlie: think I can summarize them into three points:
1)    Helping more Japanese companies expand their business in Thailand and ASEAN countries. 
2)    Taking advantage of Bigbeat Japan and Bigbeat Bangkok cooperation to help global companies to enter not only in Japanese market, but also in ASEAN market.
3)    Last but not least, helping Thai companies enter in Japanese market and exhibit at Japanese trade shows. 
These are essentially the three main points I wo
uld like to work on in the future. 

Interviewer: Thank you for your time today! 

Bigbeat Inc. has 25 years of experience in B2B marketing. If your company is interested in expanding its business not only in the Japanese Market, but also in the ASEAN market, we can provide you a whole service, thanks to the cooperation with our affiliated firm in Bangkok. If you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to
contact us!

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