2020.2.25 Case Study

Awan Kinton: how to promote your corporate vision using digital marketing in Indonesia?

Promoting your product and corporate vision in a foreign Country is always quite tricky. You may not completely know the language, the culture, the target, or the digital scenario. So, what should you do to successfully reach your goal and maximize your ROI?

We have already introduced our affiliated firm in Bangkok, Bigbeat Bangkok, our accessway to the ASEAN market. 

This time, we want to share with you how Bigbeat Bangkok supported the Japanese IT company Cybozu Inc. to introduce not only their products, but  their corporate culture in particular to the Indonesian market using an outstanding digital marketing strategy. 

Read this successful case study and do not hesitate to contact us if you need to develop your digital marketing strategy in Japan or in the ASEAN market!

Cybozu Inc.: on the way to Jakarta

Cybozu Inc. is a very popular Japanese company, offering business cloud services that combines data, business processes and communication in one tool. The core product is “kintone”, a cloud platform for business teams. 

Already used in other ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, Cybozu Inc. decided to expand its business in Indonesia as well. 

For this reason, they contacted our Tokyo office in order to develop a promotional and digital marketing strategy, focusing firstly on the city of Jakarta. However, being an ASEAN Country, we suggested them to get directly in contact with Bigbeat Bangkok, for a more targeted assistance. 

Promoting the corporate vision through Digital Marketing

Bigbeat Bangkok and Cybozu Inc. had a briefing before designing  the marketing strategy: first of all, they clarified the reason why they wanted to enter into the Indonesian market.

In Japan, the company is very famous, not only for products, but especially for its corporate vision: the importance of teamwork. They are strongly promoting it, not only in Japan, but also in other ASEAN countries. After Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and China, their next step has been Indonesia.

Bigbeat Bangkok, in accordance with the client, developed a digital plan, to reach brand awareness and to promote the corporate vision, while targeting the right audience. 

Reaching the Top Management in Jakarta in one year

The second point to be set was the target audience and the goal.

Not only the businessmen, but especially the Top Management people were the main targets to be reached for promoting the corporate vision.

The goal was to reach brand awareness in one year. After this year, people from top management would have been able to associate the importance of teamwork and the necessity to change the corporate life for a better life balance inside the company to Cybozu Inc. and to its logo.

Localization first: Awan kinton

In Japan, Cybozu Inc. is running its own media blog, telling about their corporate vision and stressing on the importance of teamwork inside the company.

As the culture in Indonesia is quite different from the Japanese one, the most important stage was to define a strong operative strategy to reach the goal and maximize the ROI. 

First of all, the localization both for the brand image and digital contents was necessary to better suit the Indonesian Market. 

Bigbeat Bangkok was in charge of designing the logo of the core product: “kintone”. A yellow cloud, reminding to the flying nimbus of the popular Japanese anime “Dragon Ball” was chosen. 
Why, you are probably wondering. In fact, “kinton” in Japanese refers to the Dragon Ball’s yellow cloud, flying nimbus for our English-speaking readers, and it has been chosen precisely because the company provides cloud services. 

However, how is the flying nimbus called in Indonesia? Do Indonesian people know it as “kinton” as in Japan? Actually, after a research, the staff of Bigbeat Bangkok discovered that, in Indonesia, it is called “Awan kinton”.
This is the reason why it has been decided to change, not only the logo, but also the brand name and localize it to better suit the target in Jakarta

Moreover, talking about contents, it has been decided to pick up the most relevant and interesting posts from the Japanese blog and localize them, translating them in Indonesian, to reach the targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing for Website retargeting

In order to retarget the audience on the website, Bigbeat Bangkok and Cybozu Inc. decided together to develop a Social media strategy for Awan Kinton.
As in Indonesia one of the most used Social Media platform is Facebook, it was decided to focus on this platform.

After almost a year, a very wide and active audience could be reach, retargeting it on the website and promoting the corporate vision

A successful digital marketing strategy

Currently Bigbeat Bangkok is managing Awan Kinton’s Social Media channel as well as the Indonesian website.
They are posting at least four times a month SEO-optimized and localized contents from the Japanese blog, to promote the corporate vision and expanding the teamwork culture in Jakarta.
Moreover, using Facebook Ads, they are promoting the Awan Kinton brand, keeping targeting the right audience on the Social Media in the Indonesian capital city. 
After almost on year, the community on Facebook is rapidly grown and is utmost active.
Also, the brand recall is quite high: indeed, a great number of businessmen in Jakarta associates the teamwork culture to “that yellow-banded company”, Awan Kinton.

Bigbeat Inc. has 25 years of experience in B2B marketing. If your company is interested in developing a digital marketing strategy customized for the Japanese and the ASEAN market, we can provide you a whole service, thanks to the cooperation with our affiliated firm in Bangkok. If you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

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