2020.7.30 Column

Bigbeat LIVE 2020 Online

Four years ago, our CEO declared his vision for Bigbeat: ‘Change Management through Marketing.’ In 2017, Bigbeat hosted our B2B marketing conference called Bigbeat LIVE. We started hosting Bigbeat LIVE to not only spread our message but also give B2B marketers a place to gather and discuss the challenges they were facing. You can find the story to our third Bigbeat LIVE here! It is not an event made to sell our services but advance Japanese marketing for the better. This year is no different and next week we will be hosting our fourth Bigbeat LIVE online over five days from August 3-7, 2020! 

Bigbeat LIVE 2020 is a B2B marketing event in JapanBigbeat LIVE 2020

Check out the event registration website here! 

No one could have foreseen how challenging 2020 would become. Everywhere in the world people have seen massive changes in the way we work and the way we live due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Businesses have struggled to keep moving forward as face-to-face interactions have been cut down to the bare minimum to avoid the spread of the virus. Furthermore, there is no best way to keep moving forward and succeed. Everyone is going through trial and error looking for some way to overcome their current hardships.

Our CEO, whose vision is to make Japan’s future better through marketing wanted to help Japanese marketers going through these challenges and considered his options. He came to the conclusion that Bigbeat needs to host Bigbeat LIVE this year.  More than any other year, B2B marketers need a space where they can come and talk about what their struggles are and listen to how others are struggling with them. 

Bigbeat LIVE 2020's outline

Our vision, ‘Change Management through Marketing’ has not changed, but what is different about this year’s Bigbeat LIVE? 

We are hosting the event online over five days with six different themes. We have designed our themes so that marketers can hear the perspectives from people of all different levels of a company. 

What actions should each person take to improve their life and future of the company with no proven method? This is the question that everyone keeps asking themself in the middle of this pandemic. What is upper management thinking and what is behind their decisions? What is a leader?  How can we react to the current global climate? How can we proceed through trial and error? How can young marketers be trained and nurtured? What will our work and lifestyles look like going forward? 

Our speakers at this year’s Bigbeat LIVE have come from all different levels and backgrounds. They are coming to not speak about successes but their struggles and failures too. Through this our audience can gain insights into what others are doing and going through right now and we hope that it leads them to make changes in their own actions to make a better future. 

Our six themes over five days

Here are the six themes we will hold sessions on over the five days:

Day 1 (8/3): Management 
Day 2 (8/4): Marketing Strategy 
Day 3 (8/5): Operative sides of Marketing 
Day 4 (8/6): Young Marketers / Global Marketing 
Day 5 (8/7): Work Style Reform

Furthermore, our Global Session on August 6 will feature a mostly English session from 12:30 - 13:30 JST. Bigbeat's own Joseph Slucher and PDCA Social's Neal Schaffer, CEO, will be discussing the current state of American Marketing during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how companies are responding.  They will be talking about the latest trends, so be sure to tune in!

Bigbeat LIVE 2020's global sessionOur English global session held on August 6 from 12:30 JST!

A space for improvement 

Marketers have found the rug slipped out from under them in this pandemic and many businesses have seen their marketing plans ripped up from the roots with the cancellation of physical events. 

Bigbeat LIVE is a space where B2B marketers can come to improve themselves and take action. It is our chance to ‘Change Management through Marketing’ together and create a better future for everyone.

We hope that we will see you at this year’s Bigbeat LIVE!  

Bigbeat LIVE 2020 (Held in Japanese)
Date:  August 3rd (Mon.) to 7th (Fri.), 2020 
Venue: Online 
Organizer: Bigbeat Inc.
Cost: Free (Must pre-register for event)
Target Audience: Management, marketing, business planning divisions of B2B companies.

Bigbeat Inc. has 25 years of experience in B2B marketing. If your company is interested in hosting an event, developing a digital marketing or communication strategy in Japan. If you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!