2020.5.19 Report

The Whole Story of Our Marketing Event - Change Management through Marketing

Bigbeat LIVE Our B2B marketing conference, Bigbeat LIVE, has been hosted under the theme: ‘Change Management through Marketing.’ By changing the company through marketing, management also changes, resulting changes to our work style and improvements to everyone’s future. We started Bigbeat LIVE truly believing this message.

Through these marketing events and related activities, we had the chance to meet many different people in various business fields, from corporate managers to on-site supervisors, and needless to say marketers. Exchanging ideas and thoughts with them became the power to change the future, and we began to sense positive shifts around us. To accelerate the pace and scope of change, we hosted the third Bigbeat LIVE in 2019.
There were many new discoveries and encounters at the event, and many people began to desire changing themselves and their companies. We heard people say, ‘I’ll change this’ and ‘let’s start from tomorrow', and not just ‘it was an informative speech, I learned a lot.’

Post-event Production: Bootleg3

Bigbeat LIVE Bootleg

We have published pre/post-event reports and content(2017, 2018) on our online owned media, as well as published books titled ‘Bootleg.’ For the third year instead of publishing ‘Bootleg’ as a book, we have created a marketing tabloid, ‘Bootleg3.’

The purpose of creating post-event content is to keep up the attendees’ energy aroused by Bigbeat LIVE. We think it is important to keep the fire, which was ignited the day of the event, burning long after without it burning out. We publish and release content on the event in intervals to boost the energy of those who attended and ignite new fires within first time viewers. We believe this helps to build the relationships that will share energy for marketing in the long term.

BOOTLEG3 — Fall forward, Peddle on!

On August 2nd, 2019 we held our third Bigbeat LIVE. The event attracted over 500 marketers at the forefront of marketing who talked about the ‘challenges’ they are undertaking. The theme of this year’s event was ‘Go For It!’ and was meant as a message of support for those who want to make changes but feel like they can’t.

The event consisted of five sessions and at each session, speakers with business or governmental background had active talks led by a host, a well-known person in business and/or marketing.

Bigbeat LIVE 1st Stage

Creating Customer Success. Who/What/How

Experience in a start-up, an established business and a fast-growing business is shared.

Bigbeat LIVE 2nd Stage

Move an organization with ‘thoughts’, ‘words’, and ‘minds’

Three examples of stagnation resolved with communication.

Bigbeat LIVE 3rd Stage

Core role of marketer

Personal decision of marketers — how to live for themselves and work for others.

Bigbeat LIVE Local Stage and Global Stage

Local stage and Global stage

Reports from local governmental marketers, and marketers working abroad.

Do you want to change your management through marketing?
Go For It!
Download now "Bootleg3" to discover more details!

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