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B-square Webinar – Introducing our online B2B event platform and event secretariat package service

B-square Webinar, a B2B webinar and online event platform total service

We posted our blog about our B2B event management service, B-square. And just recently, we announced our newest service, an in-house developed webinar/online event platform and event secretariat package service, B-square Webinar.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, physical marketing events are being postponed or canceled. But no matter the situation, in marketing and sales, generating new leads/prospective customers and communicating with your active customers is inescapable. And the loss of physical events has caused many companies to switch over to the virtual space

There are a number of web conference and video platforms such as ZOOM, WebEx, YouTube LIVE, Vimeo etc. And Bigbeat has received more requests for support on online events after an increasing number of event delays.

But just like any physical event, you will need a good registration system that is user friendly to the attendees and allows for your company to get the information you need and manage the attendee database.
Our latest service to support our clients host their B2B online events is suitable for such request and can support clients who need both operational and system support for various online marketing and sales promotion events. 

This online streaming platform was developed with over 25 years of experience supporting the physical marketing events of leading B2B companies. Our event secretariat office has acquired a reputation as highly trained and polite staff members who can provide support before and after your company’s online event. 

What exactly is B-square Webinar? 

B-square webinar, Top page mockupB-square Webinar Top Page Visual

B-Square Webinar
is our in-house developed service that supports our clients’ online events in terms of system and operation, from the registration process to viewing/streaming. 

With B-square Webinar, we can create our clients event registration website, be come a point of contact between the host and attendees/sponsors/speakers, provide logistical support for video streaming, and provide post event reports on the attendees behavior during your online event (click logs). We can also provide our clients with a variety of different additional options to meet the needs of their webinar.  

B-square webinar, program page, responsive versionB-square Webinar, Program Page

Such additional options include:

Live chat functions 
・Creation of product page for event website 
・Download functions for PDFs, etc. 
・Post-event questionnaires
・Statistical viewing reports
And more.

B-square webinar site mapSite Map

Other Special features of B-square Webinar

Our B-square Webinar is packaged with our highly trained event secretariat office to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for the planning, creation, operation, and management of their B2B webinars. 

― Event secretariat staff are highly trained in Japanese B2B event operation and management. 
― The behavior of customers can be collected and analyzed through tracking their customer ID. 
― Event websites can be prepared at the earliest in 10 business days. 
― Personal information is handled and managed by a company who complies with and has the Japanese Privacy Mark certification. 

B-square webinar registration page mockupB-square Webinar Registration form

Our B-square Webinar service is recommended for companies who are considering to host webinars or online events that will have 100s to 1000s of visitors and have the capability of streaming online videos but have never hosted their own online event. 

B-square webinar My page mock upB-square Webinar, 'My Page'

The biggest advantage of our packaged service is that it lets our client concentrate on strategies, messages, themes, and content of their online event while they trust us to build and update their event  website and correspond with their attendees in a professional and quick manner.

Furthermore, because we have built our system with templates where information can be easy uploaded, we are able to launch the event website in a short period of time. It is possible to launch your website in 10 business days at the earliest , so it is perfect for companies who are looking to start their online events now. 

B-square webinar, my page mockupYou can watch LIVE stream  as well as On-demand videos from  B-square Webinar 'My Page'!


In Japan, physical events are some of the most common and effective marketing tools a B2B company uses. But in a time where physical events are not possible, many Japanese B2B marketers have found themselves struggling to make the switch over to online. At Bigbeat we want to help them to make this switch and provide them with the tools to host their webinars easily and smoothly. 

We have also heard from Marketers overseas who want to host webinars in Japan but are unsure of the means and ways to successfully implement their webinars here, along with language barriers, etc. Bigbeat is also here to support those companies and help them host professional and high-quality webinars for the Japanese market.

Bigbeat believes that webinars will hold a common place in Japanese B2B marketing from here on as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why we have built a quality system that helps solve the situation. We hope that you let us support your online event marketing activities. Our over 25 years of experience in B2B marketing has given us an in-depth understanding of the Japanese market and the ability to support and manage our clients’ events, whether they be physical or digital. 

If your company is interested in or considering to expand your business in Japan, or you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us here!

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