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Introducing our B2B event management services, B-square

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In the past we have introduced our open source platform B-studio, and in this blog, we want to introduce our event registration management services, B-square. We developed our registration system using our over 25 years of experience in B2B event planning, and management.
As a B2B marketing and advertising agency, we used our knowledge to create our registration system to provide organizers the tools to gather the lead information they want as well as convey their message to their customers and partners. Furthermore, our system was developed entirely in house by our own web systems team. So, we can quickly and effectively change and customize things to meet the needs of our clients. 

When planning any kind of B2B event, whether it be a physical trade show, conference, seminar, etc. or a virtual event or webinar (Live stream or on-demand), setting up the correct event registration page is crucial for not only the success of the event, but also the success of your possible sponsors and exhibitors. Using our B-square system, Bigbeat produces dozens of event sites every year for B2B events of all sizes. 

We will introduce the two main services of B-square: 

B-square, our registration site system for B2B events of all sizes.
B-circle, our communication tool and portal site for exhibitors/speakers

By using our Event Registration Management System (B-square) and our Sponsors/Speakers Management System (B-circle) it is possible to ensure quick and efficient information sharing amongst our event office staff, the organizer, those who register, and sponsors/speakers. 

B-square and B-circle flow chartB-square and B-circle flow chart

Registration and Management Services: B-square

B-square is focused around managing registrations and includes the below features: 

Registration Web page Creation
・ Personal Information Management
・ Session Registration Management 
・ Admin Panel
・ Inquiries Correspondence (Telephone, Email) 
・ Registered Data Management
・Email Function

B-square Top Page mockupB-square Top Page mockup

Our registration system includes all aspects that any event site needs:
・ a top page 
・program page
・exhibitor/sponsor information page 
・registration page
・My Page for attendees.

Because we have the base system built and it is possible to insert your events'/companys' branding/visuals into the system, we are able to create your registration site quickly and at lower costs. And the system has been built to handle all different sizes of events  from under 100 attendees to those that have 1000s.

B-square Program Page mockupB-square Program Page mockup

But that is not to say that the event site is a rigid structure. The system is flexible so that when needed we can add extra pages, make it responsive, multilingual, and more. 

B-square Exhibition Page mockupB-square Exhibition Page mockup

Of course, customization and speedy turn around are very important, but your B2B webinar, conference, or seminar is to market your company's brand, product, or service. So, it is natural that you will want to get good solid leads whose data are properly managed and accessible as well make sure those leads are treated properly in the lead-up to your event and the follow-up.

Regarding lead data, the admin page of our event site is accessible to the organizer at any time. They are able to check in real-time the number of people who have registered for their B2B event, the personal information of those who registered, and their answers to the registration survey.
This allows your sales team to check on potential or existing customers they invited to participate in your event to see if they have registered or not yet.
The list can also be exported and downloaded as an Excel file for analytical purposes as well.

B-square Admin Page mockup - Registration viewB-square Admin Page mockup - Registration view

For events with multiple break-out sessions, our system allows the organizers to also see and manage the registrations for different sessions.

B-square Admin Page mockup - Sessions viewB-square Admin Page mockup - Sessions view

Our highly trained event office staff can respond to the inquires of those who register, make sure emails with important information are sent out, and manage acceptances and denials to your B2B event in a timely and professional manner. They are also trained in both English and Japanese. So, they can respond to the inquires of those abroad. 

Sponsor and Speaker management services: B-circle

Events with speakers and sponsors require a lot of coordination in order to make sure everything is ready in time. This needs a lot of work and can be a very daunting task.

Which is why we developed our B-circle system to take the burden of this work off of our clients.
B-circle includes the below features:

Inquiries Correspondence (Telephone, Email)
・ Speaker Information Confirmation (Lecture title, job title, equipment use..)
・ Payment Agent for Remuneration
・ All Speaker/Sponsor Communication
・ Lecture Materials Collection & Distribution
・ Accommodation Arrangement
・ Gathering and Management of Exhibitor and Sponsor Information
・ Creation of Exhibition Requirements
・ Creation of Sponsors Program
・ Communication related to exhibition, arrangement, carry-in and out
・ Invoicing and Collection of Exhibitor Fees
・ Overseas Exhibitor Correspondence

This long list is done by our event office staff who work to ensure that your valuable sponsors/speakers are responded to quickly and professionally.

The B-circle portal site allows for sponsors/speakers to easily and conveniently submit their information, logo data, presentations, booth requirements, etc. This of course lowers the amount of work required for them to prepare for the event.
B-circle Top Page mockupB-circle Top Page mockup


B2B events are large investments, which is why the organizer should focus on the important aspects such as the content of their event. But often companies find themselves getting bogged down by registration and sponsor management. We created our system to free organizers from theses burdens.

Our clients who use our B-square system leave the burdensome tasks of registration, sponsor, and speaker management to us while they focus on conveying the content and messages they want to their customers and partners, ensuring they deliver the best event possible. 

Furthermore our system is not a one-size fits all. We understand that different events need different measures to make the registration system efficient. Which is why we work with our customers to ensure that costs and unnecessary work are cut down by only including the necessary and desired features of our system. 

If your company is interested in or considering to expand your business in Japan, or you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us here!

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