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B-square Caravan - One event registration system to host a series of smaller seminars/webinars

Events, whether they be physical or virtual events are an important part of any B2B company’s marketing strategy. We have talked about our B-square event registration system made for larger annual/onetime B2B conferences/seminars in a previous blog, but we also want to introduce our more simple, quick to build B-square Caravan system made for smaller B2B seminars/webinars hosted multiple times

But just like larger events, the registration system is very important to the success of smaller events. Furthermore, it is a burden and can be costly for the hosting company to set up their event registration system for multiple seminars, which is why Bigbeat Inc developed our B-Square Caravan event registration system. The interface has been designed for easy use, while the system was made for precise execution and information management. And our highly trianed and profession in-house event office staff manages updating the site and communcations between the host and attendees. 

B-square Caravan logoUsing our over 25 years of knowledge in B2B Marketing, we created our system understanding what it takes to run a successful the unique differences and challenges faced by hosting companies looking to build them. We created a simple and easy to use registration system. Our clients trust us to handle the registration system management while they focus on the content of their important seminars/webinars. 

Advantages of our B-square Caravan Event Registration System

We recommend our B-Square Caravan system to those B2B companies looking to host the same seminar multiple times over a few months and/or in several different locations. But what are the advantages of using one registration system for events planned on multiple dates/places? 

Bigbeat B-square Caravan Seminar registration systemSeminar List showing different events being planned

The system has been built as a template to easily create and launch our customers event registration website. Because of this, there are two big obvious advantages to our system: 

1) Because we use a template, it is much faster to the create the event registration page and launch the website.

2) It is much cheaper to implement and create the website using our system than creating a new registration page for each seminar/webinar you plan to host. 

B-square Caravan Registration page.


There are also many other hidden advantages to B-square Caravan. 
The system has been set-up to allow for simple updating by enabling information to be easily entered into the format. Our web system team can of-course customize the format to meet our clients needs. 

Because every seminar is managed under one webpage system, the is no need to handle and manage multiple URLs and their log-in information, decreasing the burden on the host operating multiple seminars.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of our caravan system is that the attendee and registration information is all kept in one easy to understand database.

B-square Caravan Data base flow chartB-square Caravan Data base flow chart

By managing the registrant’s information in one database, it allows for our clients to access the data and immediately use it for whatever analysis they need. Hosts are able to access and download the database in Excel as well as monitor registrations for each seminar from the event admin page.

The admin page can even be customized to allow direct import into our clients' MA tool for their sales use. 

B-square Caravan admin top page and Registration List  Admin top page and Registration List

The system also makes sure to not allow people to register twice for the same seminar using their name and email address. It is possible for people to register for multiple seminars however, allowing your company to easily track those who are coming to multiple seminars. 

B-square Caravan Admin Page


A high-quality quality and consistent event staff

As mentioned above, our in-house event staff are in-charge of handling inquires and communications with the attendees pre and post event.
With our Caravan system the same staff members manage your company's multiple seminars, which avoids unnecessary onboarding work and makes sure that there is smooth communication between our event staff, the hosting company, and the attendees.
Our staff are arble to make quick changes and input of new information into the website when necessary.

Our event staff also handle the below work: ・Various e-mail distribution
    *Registration confirmation mail
    *Sending registration cards
    *Event reminder
    *Thank you mail
・Correspondence with registrants (by e-mail)
・Correspondence with guests
・Presenting registration management window 
・Updates to Agenda


If you are planning on a series of B2B seminars or webinars, your company will want to focus on delivering your content and message to the attendees. Our event registration system allows our clients to free themselves from having to worry about setting up multiple systems with multiple databases.
Bigbeat has simplified the registration system to give our clients the best support in managing their B2B seminar/webinar series. 

We are proud of the web system we have built up using our many years of knowledge in B2B marketing. We hope that you one day become a customer of Bigbeat and let us support your company’s business in Japan. Our experience has given us the ability to support the management of seminars and webinars letting your focus on your company’s messaging and strategy. 

If your company is interested in or considering to expand your business in Japan, or you need further information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us here!

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