Supporting the marketing activities of a fast-growing global company


published: April 2023

Zendesk provides a customer service platform that helps companies effectively support their customer service, employee service, and sales activities to increase the productivity and quality of their operations.
Founded on the belief that "business growth and good customer relationships come from a seamless customer experience," the software company develops solutions that help strengthen customer relationships. The company is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has helped more than 100,000 companies in 160 countries and regions improve their customer experience.

As the needs and expectations for customer service in the Japanese market continue to rise, Zendesk approached us to help them maintain and improve their marketing efforts so that they can contribute to the growth of their clients.

Bigbeat assigned a full-time staff member to work as one of the members of Zendesk's marketing team, and he is involved in the following tasks:

- Content creation support
- Suggestions for content refinement
- Support for the operation of marketing activities such as webinars
- Planning digital ad placements (brand awareness, lead generation)
- Various other marketing operation tasks

The reason for consulting with us about operational support was to resolve a lack of resources in the marketing team. Although the person in charge was extremely busy, Zendesk and Bigbeat started this project as a one-team effort to better conduct marketing activities. As the support work progressed and communication with Zendesk continued, Bigbeat made various suggestions and had frank discussions and exchanges of opinions related to lead generation. In addition, they now expect us to improve the quality of their internal communications and marketing activities.

Another point that is highly valued in supporting marketing activities is the ability of the support staff to work in English. This allows them to communicate directly with Zendesk's headquarters and APAC representatives without the use of interpreters or translation sites, which prevents miscommunication and conflicts of understanding, and also keeps communication costs down. In addition, the company can make proposals and work on them based on a solid understanding of what the company is aiming for, not only in Japan, but globally as a whole.

When the company began providing support for marketing activities, the contract was negotiated and signed based on an English-language outsourcing agreement prepared at Zendesk's headquarters. The company's flexible contractual support and commitment to global companies entering the Japanese market have also been highly evaluated.