Holding a physical event was instead changed to an online (on-demand) stream.

Veritas Technologies

Our client, Veritas Technologies was originally planning on holding their physical partner community event, VERITAS Tech Symposium 2020 ~Winter, on February 25, 2020. The event, which is highly praised by Veritas Technologies’ partners, is held twice a year and the 2020 Winter edition was the 15th time this event was held.

This year, we supported Veritas in planning a Tech Symposium that was supposed to provide a more open place for Veritas and its partners to talk as equals, more so than any of the previous events.

Website-VERITAS Tech Symposium 2020 Winter
But after the COVID-19 virus began spreading in Japan, Veritas came together with Bigbeat to discuss how we could still hold the event while simultaneously protecting the health and safety of the attendees and our employees. But as the situation further deteriorated, it was determined that holding a physical event would be irresponsible. So, in the last minute the event was changed to an online (on-demand) stream.

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VERITAS Technologies