Japan Partner Day 2020 Virtual: Producing a professional Annual Awards Ceremony online

Palo Alto Networks

published: April 2021

As a leader in global cybersecurity, Palo Alto Networks’ mission is to protect life in the digital age from cyberattacks.
This year, the annual conference aimed at partners, which was held physically until the last year, has been hosted virtually. Bigbeat Inc. supported the client with production, including the production of the annual awards ceremony held within the event. 

Palo Alto Networks
Online Event


Main contents of the online event

・ Message from the representative director and department manager
・ Introduction of the products /solutions provided by Palo Alto Networks
  (6 sessions: 3 sessions for business and 3 for technical departments)
・ Annual Awards Ceremony (Prizing the achievements of Japanese partners in the previous year)
・ "Tech Day" for SE partners and "Partner Insight" event for partner sales, hosted the within Japan Partner Day

Bigbeat’s Support

1) Recording support
・ Recording and streaming at Rockup! Studio, Bigbeat Inc.’s own recording studio at our company
・ Design proposal
2) Pre-recorded video editing
3) Intermission / script production
4) MC arrangement
5) Award preparation
6) Novelties preparation

Originally, partners who were positively active during the previous year were commended and prized during the sales kick-off event held in the United States. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual Award Ceremony have been hosted online for the first time. 
From Bigbeat’s point of view, we struggled a bit about how to direct the awards ceremony as well as all the sessions together. By combining BGM, short movies and Power Point animations, and adding a congratulation message from Palo Alto Networks to each award-winning company, we have been able to provide a dynamic and professional production. 
Palo Alto Networks event is consisted with 8 sessions (including the opening remarks) and was produced and directed by Bigbeat Inc.’s account executive. She was able to take detailed decisions, communicating with the person in charge, starting from a zero-based video composition, till inserting professional MC comments between sessions.

Evaluation of Bigbeat’s service

・ Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the event was hosted online. For this reason, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to participate online and convey Palo Alto Networks’ messages. 
・ Taking advantage of our know-how in video recording and video editing, we could provide a service which was evaluated positively. Especially, the Annual Awards Ceremony was quite hard to replicate online, but eventually we could provide a very good event, even online.

Prospects for Palo Alto Networks’s future online events

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the situation of marketing. Both during the pandemic, and after Covid-19 pandemic, Palo Alto Networks believe that online marketing activities will continue to be mainstream, and they would like to host virtual events not only for partners, but also for end users. In fact, unlike physical events, virtual ones can convey messages to a wide range of partners and end users, regardless the place and time. Also, virtual events can be related to multiple marketing strategies, which is a big advantage physical events cannot have. 

In the future, Palo Alto Networks believe that it will be necessary to create new ways to make online venues more interactive, so they hope that Big Beat could support them in it as well.