DBX2020 creates the future of the financial industry through implementing hybrid events that make full use of both physical venue and digital tools

Japan Financial News Company

published: March 2021

Since its establishment in 1955, The Japan Financial News Company (Nikkin) has been a general financial newspaper company, providing the latest information on monetary policy to banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, securities companies etc. Their success stories are published in the weekly newspaper also titled “Nikkin”.

In addition, since 2000 they have been holding a comprehensive exhibition called “FIT (Financial Information Technology)” that showcases the latest trends in the financial industry, seminars to deliver useful IT information to industry players, and dynamic solutions.

In December 2020 a physical and online hybrid event called “DBX2020” was held. This event was hosted with a theme that has shaken the financial industry these days: “digital banking”. The goal is to find a way to connect digital banking solutions and financial institutions in order for Japan to catch up with the rest of the world and to invest more aggressively in digital banking.

 Although it may be questionable whether or not to hold a physical event during the COVID-19 pandemic the possibilities of real communication between visitors and exhibitors along with the advantages of the wide reach provided by online events’ ability to foster understanding of highly specialized content to the masses cannot be underestimated.

Japan Financial News Company

Event Outline

Name: Digital Banking Transformation Exhibition (DBX2020)
Date and time: Thursday, December 17th ,2020, Friday, December 18th , 2020 
Both days: 10:00~18:00
Venue: Station Conference Tokyo
Host: Japan Financial News Company (Nikkin)

Event Synopsis

This event is a specialized exhibition on the theme of digital banking.
The event was held both physically and online where we prepared 35 seminar sessions including keynote speeches and case studies along with exhibition booths of 18 companies and organizations.

 The keynote speech was given by the Financial Services Agency and well-known banks who are key players in financial DX. Case studies introduced the latest findings from financial DX solution vendors. Security-related solution services such as personal authentication via electronic seals (hanko) and paperless methods were also exhibited.

Bigbeat’s Range of Support

1)    Various designs and production arrangements
-Event intermission
-Teaser website design for announcements
-Registration website design
-LIVE broadcasting

2)    Hybrid event system design using KODOU and B-square in combination
-Use KODOU’s live broadcast function
-Other various design customizations

3)    Hybrid event office administration
-Visitor registration management
-System operation support

4)    Same-day online delivery support

Bigbeat Service Evaluation

In carrying out the event, Bigbeat provided support in terms of the reception and broadcasting side. In the financial industry, there were concerns about online viewing issues because old-fashioned WEB browsers are still mainstream. However Bigbeat proved our usefulness because we were able to broadcast without any trouble after conducting a careful pre-test using “KODOU”.

Future Event Prospects

The next DBX is scheduled to be held in 2022 and we would like at that time to conduct on-site interviews so that real-time news will come out and participants can grasp and receive new information. We are very enthusiastic about incorporating online implementation along with physical events via hybrid to a wider audience. We hope that this can improve the continuing satisfaction of both visitors and exhibitors by making more use of our five senses as we move on to the next event model.

DBX2020 exceeded expectations, with 680 people visiting the venue on site during the 2 days and only 248 missing out of the online participation of 1888. With the success of last year’s event Nikkin is already moving toward DBX2022.
Along with those in charge, while fulfilling Nikkin’s mission of garnering attention to the recent developments of the financial field along with our commitment to event assembly and delivery needs, in 2022 we would like to suggest preparations for a larger future while aiming to contribute further to our partners financial industry.

※) KODOU: Online event platform service provided by Bigbeat.
※) B-square: Visitor registration management service provided by Bigbeat