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InterSystems Japan

published: Auguest 2022

InterSystems is founded on two core principles: excellence and customer success. As the leading provider of data solutions, InterSystems serves software for industries with critical needs like healthcare, financial services, and logistics and it is in use in over 80 countries around the world.

InterSystems Japan booth at Inter National Modern Hospital Show 2022

Bigbeat had the great opportunity to work with InterSystems, for designing, constructing and organizing their Exhibition booth, as well as on-site operation.  It was for the first time in three years since COVID-19 had impacted Japan.
We planned the exhibition booth based on a theme which is “Connect, Store, and Use All Data". The exhibition booth was constituted of four parts;

- Exhibition space of InterSystems
- Exhibition space of six business partners
- Exhibition space of Case study (with AI panel)
- Presentation Stage

[Presentation Stage]
In order to get the attention from participants, we set up a large LED screen on the presentation stage. During the event, InterSystems Japan and its partners presented their solutions. We also asked leading medical professionals who are actual users of InterSystems to present their innovative initiatives at the stage. We recorded all presentations to be used as video content after the event.

Their booth was crowded with visitors even though the total number of participants of the event was less than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr.Hayashi, who is a country manager of InterSystems Japan, seemed to have a great time talking with customers, business partners and many visitors in person, enjoying the event itself.

We prepared six different flavors of donuts (strawberry, green tea, chocolate, banana, chocolate chip, and plain) with the company logo, as a give away and it was well received by visitors.

A comment from a person in charge of IntereSystems Japan:
It has been almost three years since we exhibited last time in 2019. Our request for Bigbeat was, to design our Exhibition booth, create promotional products and on-site operation. In addition, Bigbeat helped us for communicating and coordinating with partners and guest speakers. We deeply appreciate their support with great care.
In terms of the total number of participants in the entire event, it was less than before. However, the total number of visitors of our booth increased. We had a lot of opportunities to talk with visitors and it was a great exhibition event.

InterSystems Japan booth details at Inter National Modern Hospital Show 2022