“Cloud OnBoard”: training events to learn and familiarize with Google Cloud

Google Cloud Japan G.K.

Google Cloud Japan G.K. develops the cloud computing service "Google Cloud Platform" provided by Google in the Japanese market.
Taking advantage of the evolution of Google technology embedded and integrated in the Google Cloud, it helps all companies modernize their IT and transform and innovate their businesses.

Google Cloud Japan G.K.

"Cloud OnBoard": the training events hosted by Google Cloud Japan G.K.

Google Cloud Japan G.K. has hosted “Cloud OnBoard”, a series of training events covering the fundamentals of GCP (Google Cloud Platform), a suite of cloud services, using the same development environment and technology, which Google provides to users around the world.

“Cloud OnBoard” was a long-awaited and a special traing event that explains the key clouds concept and solutions of GCP to engineers, IT managers, and developers who are already using GCP or are considering using it. 
These training events are held about 15 times a year in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, and many engineers have participated so far. The main feature of “Cloud OnBoard” is that professionals can directly learn various solutions using GCP from Google’s top experts, which makes the events popular. For instance, in just on event in Tokyo, the number of registrants can exceed 2000 people. 
The level of satisfaction of the participants is also measured by the great number of posts on blogs and Social Media channels, showing the events met their high expectations. 
The training events were produced and managed by Bigbeat Inc., as well as the Event office activities. 

Improving the training events to increase results and trust

Since April 2018, Bigbeat Inc. has been widely involved in "Cloud OnBoard" for both production, operation, and Event Office activities. At every event, we have carefully analysed the intentions of people in charge and the “Cloud OnBoard” itself, and made improvements focusing on how to make the training events even more attractive for participants and meaningful for the Google team. 
For instance, we have set up a help desk and carefully answered to each inquiry. As a result, the more the hospitality level increased, the more the attendance rate increased as well. 
In addition, in terms of operation, by adding ingenuity to the experience we got so far, we have provided a more stress-free space for the participants and this has contributed to the improvement of the overall satisfaction. 

'Cloud OnBoard' is a very valuable opportunity for Google to directly convey the appeal of its key solution, Google Cloud Platform, to users, and the work of all the participants.
Due to the huge number of inquiries to the desk, I strongly feel that there is a great demand for Google's solutions.
In the future, I would like to continue to improve the management of this project, and to make the training events more beneficial to both Google and the participant

(Bigbeat Inc. Sales Representative, Ms. Ayano Tsuji)