Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, KUZEN continues to exhibit at trade shows to convey its thoughts on AI chatbots

Concierge U

published: June 2022

B2B marketing: Exhibition in Japan - case study : Concierge U KUZEN is a no-code AI chatbot presented by Concierge U that can be integrated with various messaging applications such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, which are used for office work, and Messenger, a SNS application. KUZEN can also be combined with LINE, a messaging application with a penetration rate of over 80%(*1) in Japan.

In order to encourage even more companies to adopt their system, Bigbeat worked with our client on exhibiting at trade shows, which they had previously done in-house, and had a series of discussions about consulting and booth design, with the goals of expanding and improving brand recognition and acquiring leads.

In order to create a structure that would best convey the characteristics of the visitors to the various exhibitions and the ideas behind KUZEN's services and offerings, Bigbeat continued conversations with our client to grab their key messages and ideas to integrated into the entire booth design.

*1 2022.05 By the Mobile Society Research Institute @ NTT Docomo

B2B marketing: Exhibition in Japan - case study : Concierge U

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