Creativity as a communication strategy. Unifying corporate mission and vision in one message.

ARTERIA Networks Corporation
ARTERIA Creative

Creativity to communicate the corporate mission and the vision 

ARTERIA Networks Corporation, is a telecommunications carrier that builds large-capacity optical fiber networks and provides cutting-edge networks. In December 2018, the company was listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, ready to enter in its further growth phase.
Nowadays that the Internet has grown to become an indispensable infrastructure for society, the network, that is the artery of information, is provided to customers as a unique solution.

A creative formulation to unify the brand awarness 

A communication network is the “infrastructure” that supports our lives. In this industry, ARTERIA Networks Corporation (hereinafter, “ARTERIA”) operates “network business,” “Internet business,” and “condominium internet business” that make use of its nationwide network.
The current ARTERIA Group was born in 2017, originating from five different communications network companies.
Howevere, at that time, ARTERIA was operating in a status where each company's culture and the missions they were pursuing were different. For this reason, it became necessary to clearly communicate a common mission, both inside and outside the company, in order to unify the brand awareness. 
Once decided the tagline, Bigbeat Inc. was selected to produce both the company brochures and the corporate introduction video. The start of this collaboration was firstly as a support in the construction and the operation of ARTERIA's booth at the IT week exhibition. However, after it, Bigbeat Inc. proposed to the company a communication strategy that combined the exhibitions and the website. While gaining trust and results, the proposal became concrete when Bigbeat Inc. started to deeply understand ARTERIA's corporate culture and mission. 

The importance to embody corporate mission and vision

At the time of proposal, a tagline was already decided and, Bigbeat Inc. account executive and the creative team focused on how to express the concepts of 'gracefulness' and 'advanceness' as better as possible.
"At that time, a new CEO was appointed, and he wanted to give to the company an “advanced” image. For this reason, we thought about something that could communicate the concepts of 'gracefulness' and 'advanceness' clearly", said the Bigbeat inc. Account Executive. 

ARTERIA Creative

"We analyzed these concepts from different point of views. In this way, we came up with these three keywords: 'gracefulness', 'flexibility' and 'quickness'. So, we thought how to express them graphically.

Therefore, we decided to use as part of the graphic a Cheetah that combines the fasteness, strongness and gracefulness concepts together. Also, in order to express the communication and advancedness of Arteria, we decided to use a graphic showing a "digital" Cheetah's body. Even if we proposed different sketches, we were happy that the Cheetah was eventually choosen", said Bigbeat Inc. Creative Director. 

Our collaboration with ARTERIA is still continuing. In particular, Bigbeat is supporting the company in PR, events and counselling. "We want to continue in this way also in the future", said enthusiastic the Account Executive.