WEB solutions are integrated solutions

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scheduleSeptember 26, 2016
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WEB solutions are integrated solutions

We received a request from a company to “make a web page for new products and increase product inquires.”
So, our team reviewed this company’s product negotiation process to find out how to use web services in a sales promotion strategy.    
Breaking it down into a phase process, from attracting users, to analysis, to making content, our team proposed a web plan that interlocked the digital with business activities by pairing web creation proactively with listings and advertisements. 
 “We want to establish a platform that will encourage product sales while also conveying a B2B Web marketing approach,” so they said. And so, for this client, we did. 
Our platform brings the communication potential of the web to life as customers interact with this company’s web service. Their voiced desires lead to the creation of new services. 

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