Flawless Progression, Taking a Large-Scale Event by the Reigns.

Dassault Systèmes K.K.
B2B conference, keynote session photo hosted by Dassault systems

Flawless Progression, Taking a Large-Scale Event by the Reigns.

This was a two-day, large-scale event with over 1,700 attendees.

This company exhibited at multiple locations around the world, in an all-over Global Event, and they were in need of a cost-effective management service. Our administration outsourcing service (B-Square) has enjoyed a long relationship with this company, and so were given an opportunity to lead this event.

Our communication and information collecting service (B-circle) not only focused on information systems, but on finding the human face in the information process and meeting the needs of people. They remained flexible while also remaining accurate, organizing vast amounts of data.
Also, any issues that arose in the event website (created per company desires) was easily solved through our system technologies. Instead of a general “sales inquiry” line, all communication between project team members of our company and theirs was direct, timely, and achieved desired results quickly. Not only our client, but we personally felt the success of the event as attendee responses to our services rated us better than any year before.

    Dassault Systèmes K.K.
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