2020.5.19 release

Online B2B event platform and event secretariat package service: B-square Webinar

Tokyo, Japan May 19, 2020:  B2B Marketing Communications and Advertising Agency, Bigbeat Inc. announced their newest service, an in-house developed webinar/online event platform and event secretariat package service, B-square Webinar.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, physical marketing events are being cancel or postponed. This service is used to support clients’ who require both operational and system support for various online marketing and sales promotion events that are rapidly increasing because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The online streaming platform was developed in-house by Bigbeat Inc. who has over 25 years of experience supporting the physical marketing events of leading B2B companies. Along with 25 years of experience in event marketing, the event secretariat office provides highly trained and polite staff members to provide support to before and after the online event. 

Special features of B-square Webinar

The platform is a one-stop service for reviewing registration forms, customer ID managements, video broadcasting, and event reports.

― Event secretariat staff who are highly trained in Japanese B2B event operation and management. 
― The behavior of customers can be collected and analyzed through tracking their customer ID. 
― Event websites can be prepared at the earliest in 10 work days. 
― It is assured that personal information is being handled and managed by a company who complies with and has the PrivacyMark certification. 


The B-square Webinar service is recommended for:

・companies considering hosting webinars or online events that will have 100s to 1000s of visitors.
・companies with the capability of streaming online videos but have never hosted their own online event. 


First-time Buyer Campaign 

“B-square Webinar”  Basic Price : 700,000 JPY (excl. tax)   →   Special Price: 550,000 JPY  (excl. tax )
*Special Price  is for companies who purchase the service from 2020/5/19 to 2020/8/31. (Limited to the first 10 companies)

Event planning, filming, broadcasting, total support services available as optional editions.

In addition to the B-square Webinar, Bigbeat Inc. offers total support for marketing planning, content production, recording, a broadcasting of webinars using 25 years of B2B marketing and advertising know-how.
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For inquiries regarding B-square Webinar

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