2021.6.9 release

"JRIT ICHI”, online market station beta, is launched for expanding business in Thailand and ASEAN

Bigbeat Inc. had announced the launch recruiting the JRIT ICHI beta marketplace exhibitors from June 9,2021, for Japanese IT solution companies willing to expand their business in Thailand and ASEAN. This beta market place service will be free for those wishing to exhibit till August 31, 2021. 

The trial exhibitions begins on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021.

Call for JRIT ICHI Exhibitors Page:

 JRIT ICHI Market Beta Service Exhibit Overview 

Japanese Companies with B2B IT solutions and services, and companies considering to expand their business in Thailand and ASEAN countries.

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 - Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

It is possible to create an online “booth” on an online platform with a concept made to emulate a real life marketplace, with has the goal of sharing knowledge and forming a community in mind. This online marketplace is called JRIT ICHI.
There are many useful functions available, including the ability to host webinars, downloadable materials, messaging functions, business matching functions, etc.
The marketplace is available for all exhibitors to use.

The beta is free to use (※The release of the official version is planned for September)

Contact us by clicking on the following link, where we will introduce the details of our service.
Call for JRIT ICHI Exhibitors:


The JRIT ICHI digital marketplace is a place where users in Thailand and ASEAN countries can find contents containing fresh new information, tips and tricks in relation to IT business culture and digital transformation culture from anywhere in the world. 
The marketplace can be used as a way to network and connect with other businesses and users through the contents that each business provides.
The marketplace is an optimal place to do this because you can gauge the reaction of the local users while remaining in Japan.

▼ JRIT ICHI portal website



1.  It’s an industry-specific platform.
You won’t see another platform like this one, that is geared towards Japanese IT solutions and providing information in the Thai market. Since information is being transmitted in a unique way, it can be used to pinpoint highly sensitive users. 

2.  There are various functions designed to increase the satisfaction of the users and Exhibitors.
Various documents, such as PDFs, videos, etc. can be set up at each booth., allowing other users to access the booth’s content leading to new potential customers. There are also opportunities to use the chat function to chat one on one, or match together with other businesses using this digital platform. 

3.  Collaboration with the Thai government agencies, as well as local media.
We are planning to have monthly content and themes.  
Content will be released in collaboration with various guest speakers such as Thai government, related agencies, and TechTalk Thai, which is high regard IT media in Thailand.


From 2017 on, Thailand has been moving forward with its project, “Thailand 4.0,” which focuses on digital economization. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an accelerated shift to focus even more on digital economization, and many Thai industries have returned to almost pre-pandemic economic levels.
Especially when considering the Western markets (U.S., Europe, etc.) the growth of many startup companies in Thailand, particularly software as a service (SaaS) companies, has been more than noteworthy.
Furthermore, ASEAN is, by 2025, expected to be one of the five biggest players in the digital technologies market. While big things can be expected of the Japanese IT industries, currently knowledge of Japanese IT solutions is limited and therefore are not being chosen by Thai companies.
In order to overcome this situation, we created the JRIT ICHI project and market place in order to push Japanese IT solutions into the markets of Thailand and the ASEAN countries.