2019.12.10 Column

3 key offline marketing strategies to enter into the B2B Japanese market

Entering in the Japanese market is not so easy, especially if you are a B2B company.

Language and culture are very different, and there is not a lot of information in English about market trends and opportunities. However, Japan still remains a very prosperous and attracting place for business.

So, how do you get your company, services and products to be known by Japanese customers? 

In this article, we are going to introduce  three key offline marketing strategies for introducting your business into the B2B Japanese market.  

1)    Exhibitions

Exhibition(IT Week at Tokyo)

Exhibitions are for sure the best way to make your first step into the Japanese market. In Japan, every year a lot of business exhibitions are held, and Japanese companies actively participate in them. Exhibitions about new technologies or new markets  especially attract various players and are very endorsed. The reason why exhibitions are so popular in Japan is because Japanese people like face-to-face interations in business. Thus, exhibitions are the right place for brand awareness and the perfect place for a targeted leads generation. 

If you need inspiration for a booth to enchant Japanese customers, we have introduced some construction methods used in Japan here .

2)    Media-sponsored Seminars


Organized by business-oriented media and industry-specific media, seminars are often held in Japan and are focused on specific industry “trends”. 
Compared to exhibitions, the number of attendees is often limited, but seminars hosted by prominent media give a sense of security to people who do not yet know your company.

Moreover, depending on the type of event and seminar, you can participate as a lecturer or panelist, increasing even more the opportunity to get known by the Japanese audience. 

3)    Above-the-Line Promotion: OOH

Signage (out of home)

In Japan, especially in big cities where the main firms are located, the OOH (out-of-home) advertisements are widely used. Not only in the streets, but also in the stations, trains and even taxis. This guarantees very good results to those who are aiming to brand awareness and recognition.

Take a look to our previous blog post to discover how to effectively use OOH advertising in Japan. 

Also, if you still need  help understanding which one of these options could be the best method for your busines entering into the Japanese market, do not hesitate to contact us!

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