2023.7.5 Report

NexTech Week Tokyo 2023 -Spring-

~Every visitor came looking for something?!

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NexTech Week Tokyo 2023 [Spring] was held at Tokyo Big Sight in May 2023. The trade show consisted of four exhibitions which featured the latest technology and digital human resource development services. It is a vital show for companies who want to promote digital transformation by utilizing advanced technologies and training digital human resources. Many professionals from various industries such as manufacturing, social infrastructure, retailing, logistics, medical, finance, government offices are attracted to the show, according to the organizer, RX Japan.

Four Themes of Exhibitions

First, let's check how the exhibition themes are set at NexTech Week.
1. AI
2. Blockchain
3. Quantum Computing
4. DX Human Resource Development

four themes of exhibition

Details of Exhibition Themes

Now, the details of each exhibition’s theme are as follows. (Excerpts from the official web site)

[1] AI

1. Elemental Technologies, Hardware
Machine Learning Image Recognition Natural Language Processing (NLP) Big Data Neural Network Sound Recognition Hardware etc.
2. Applications, Services
Generative AI Recommend Robots Consulting Creative AI Call Centers Predictive Maintenance Marketing etc.

AI EXPO TOKYO is Japan’s LARGEST* trade show for AI tech companies to introduce their technologies to various industries. Backed up by technology mature, safety improvement, cost reduction, etc., it is expected that the market formation of artificial intelligence is accelerated in various industries in Japan. At AI EXPO TOKYO, you will have a great opportunity to introduce your technologies and services to the Japan & Asia market.
(* “Largest” in reference to the exhibitor number of trade shows with the same concept.)

[2] Blockchain

BLOCKCHAIN EXPO TOKYO is trade show specialized in Blockchain Technologies. As one of the new technologies, blockchain is getting more attention from various industries such as logistics, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, and finance.

[3] Quantum Computing

QUANTUM COMPUTING EXPO TOKYO is a trade show specialized in quantum computing technologies which was newly launched in 2020 as a concurrent shows of AI EXPO TOKYO and BLOCKCHAIN EXPO TOKYO. As one of the new technologies which changes the world, quantum computing is getting more attention from various industries such as logistics, pharmaceutical, energy, manufacturing, and finance.

[4] DX Human Resource Development

DX Human Resource Development Expo is a newly launched trade show inside NexTech Week Tokyo. This show will be the best business opportunity for those companies who support the development of digital human resources. Visitors from various industries such as manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, finance, etc. will gather at once to look for new service/supports to develop their DX human resource.

At NexTech Week Tokyo, not only company exhibitions but also theme-based conferences by pioneers and leaders in the industries have been featured every day.

Visit Report

report of nextech week tokyo 2023 spring

Compared with the previous show (Autumn 2022), many visitors gathered at small booths as well as large ones. Visitors also stopped by booths that were off the main traffic lines, where there is usually no flow. People gathered at demonstration corners set up by companies, and discussions between exhibitors and visitors were seen. And the presentation corners in the booths were filled with visitors, who intently listened to seminars given by exhibitors. Everyone seemed to have come “looking for something!”

The event was held at the time when GPT-4 was released from OpenAI and interests in generative AI, especially ChatGPT, had been growing. The enthusiasm of visitors may have been higher than at the previous event, and more visitors had a sense of purpose (rather than simple information gathering). Usually, their main goals to get information about products and services that will be useful for the future of their business in Japan.
Indeed, many booths with taglines “Automatic Generation” and “Interactive AI” could be seen, as if to meet the expectations.

Since the themes of the exhibitions are made clear at NexTech Week, more people may have come to catch that information.

The trade show consisted not only of the introduction of the latest technologies such as AI and blockchains, but also information sharing by means of exhibitions and seminars related to digital human resources, which utilize and operate these technologies. The show seems to be designed in such a way that companies planning to introduce these newest technologies can easily visualize how these can be implemented.

That may be why both long-established enterprises and start-up companies participated in exhibition, and both attracted many visitors.

Information about the Next Show

It has already been announced that NexTech Week Tokyo will be held in October 2023 and May 2024.
Applications are now taken for exhibitions, so if you are interested, please inquire the organizer or contact us! We are more than happy to discuss your exhibit plans at this trade show and help exploring overall marketing activities in Japan.


next schedules of Nextech Week Tokyo