2022.11.28 Interview

What do you think makes a great exhibition booth design?

Bigbeat web page - works, exhibitionsTo increase lead generation and brand awareness in Japan, exhibitions/trade shows are one of the most important and effective activities of your B2B marketing strategy in Japan, as we talked in our previous article.
(Regarding sales/marketing leads buying, you are basically unable to buy them in Japan due to the Personal Information Protection Law.)

Then, what do you think makes a good design exhibit booth design? Let’s think about it together.

Source: Video interview
Speaker: Mr. Kataura Kataura, account team, Bigbeat (Provide marketing support for domestic companies expanding into Southeast Asia.)

What is a good design exhibit booth design?

We believe that a good-designed exhibition booth should not only look beautiful and cool, but also be designed with an understanding of the purpose of the exhibition. This includes, the experience of visitors to the booth. The Japan Institute of Design Promotion, which administers the Good Design Award, has the following to say about “design”;

Design is always centered on "people" and that is why it has the power to develop society. Design must truly enrich someone's life, or have the potential to do so. We consider something that achieves this to be "good design”.

The Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Mr. Tomohiko Hirata, representatives from Hyphenate, had talked in our interview that;
My definition of "design" is to give life to an idea. In other words, it is the very embodiment of an idea. Design is required to express the function that the idea represents.

My definition of "design" is to give life to an idea. In other words, it is the very embodiment of an idea. Design is required to express the function that the idea represents.

We believe that a design needs a story. Three elements form the story. These are the overall plot, each individual scene, and the role of the designed object. Of these, the role is particularly important. For example, we need to imagine the role from all perspectives, such as how the product will be delivered to the user and how the user will use it, and incorporate these into the story.

Mr. Tomohiko Hirata, representatives from Hyphenate

What is necessary to design a good booth?

Mr. Motoaki Kataura, who has been involved in more than 100 booth designs at the company, had this to say that;

The first step is getting to know the client and their business. I research by myself or ask and talk the client representative. Likewise, I also deepen my understanding of the client's customers. Knowing the client and their business, knowing the client's strengths, knowing the client's customers, and then understanding the purpose and requirements of this exhibit will lead to good booth design, which includes on-site operation and management. And, of course, the budget is important too.

Mr. Kataura, account team, Bigbeat inc.

The information gathered in this way cannot be realized without the cooperation of a trusted designer and construction company to incorporate it into booth design and construction. We select suitable partners, discuss with them, and design the booth as a single team. Mr. Kataura said, he also has discussions with the client to build a good design booth.

Design regulations for exhibitions

booth design regulations
I have been surprised to hear such stories: at a European trade show, there was a booth with a two-story structure and business discussions were held on the second floor with beer in hand; at an Indonesian trade shows, it was sometimes difficult to manage staffs to set up booth construction within the time limit.
You probably know that regulations for exhibitions differ depending on the country, region, exhibition venue, and organizer.
Followings are some regulations regarding exhibitions in Japan.

・ Booth maximum height (4.5m)
・ Securing emergency evacuation routes, etc.
・ Prohibition of two-story structures

One of the advantages of hiring a local agency is that they are familiar with local. For example, 1) They are familiar with regulations of the exhibition.
2) They can propose a booth design that meets the functionality required and meets their targeting visitors by exhibitors.

Of course, we understand that there are regulations for branding set by the headquarters and what it means to follow them. We will propose a booth design that respects and complies with regulations and, as far as possible, functions in accordance with the purpose of the exhibition.

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