2021.7.1 Column

KODOU- a virtual event platform combining people and technology

As the world begins to vaccinate, we can gradually see people begin to celebrate the return of normal life on the street. However, the pandemic has changed a lot of things and its leading us into a new lifestyle. For example, remote work has become a workplace phenomenon, most of meetings, conferences and seminars are held online. As people are getting used to it as well as found out that its easier and more effective through virtual meeting to share information.  

Having said that, it does not mean physical events will be replaced, we all know the most simple and effective way to make business connections is by shaking hands and talk to each other face to face. On the other hand, we must admit that virtual events can bring more people from all corners of the world which bring more potential business opportunities. Therefore, virtual events have become a new trend, and KODOU was born for this. 

What is KODOU?

KODOU is a virtual event platform created by Bigbeat, a company that focus on business-to-business advertising and marketing organization in Japan. This platform has been successfully used in different companies’ events, such as FUJITSU, ZUKEN and SIEMENS, etc., with the number of participants ranging from 30 to more than 2,300. Why can KODOU win the trust of many companies and willing to use it for their important events? Here are the highlights of KODOU: 

User friendly 
KODOU runs on all browsers and devices, with no downloads required. The platform is designed to be minimalist, your guests can easily find the features they want. It can also be customized and branded by organizers. For the stream videos, users can play it directly on the platform without having to jump to other software. 

Ensure the quality of the event.
Everything has a good side and a bad side. virtual events can easily bring people together; but it can be joined by uninvited guest. To avoid this, KODOU has designed a system where organizers can filter participants to ensure the event quality.  

Tracking user actions
The advantage of virtual events is the information of the participants and the data to understand what they are interested in. KODOU has its own system for organizers to get a log of who has joined and what they have viewed. And all this information is available for download.

KODOU is not just a virtual event platform, it has more…

KODOU, a name derived from Japanese “鼓動”, which means “beat” in English. Because "Bigbeat" want to realize Sympathized event what IT company's product, purpose, mission, vision, and value are introduced to users. To make it real, the support of a strong and professional team is very important. 

Bigbeat is a company with 26 years of experiences. In the last year alone, more than 200 virtual events have been planned, not to mention the physical events that preceded the pandemic. With KODOU, the organizers will get the following support:

Technical support
Even though the platform is designed to be simple, it is still a new system for organizers. They need to spend extra time to learn how to operate it and all the functions. For that, you can rest assured that with KODOU, there will be a technical operator to assist you during the event, for you to focus on more important things.

Video recording support
Yes, Bigbeat has its own recording studios inside the office, the name of the studios are: Rockup! Studio (up to 2 speakers) and Play Studio (up to 4 speakers), there is also a green pad if the client prefers to use a CG background. Moreover, Bigbeat can support you from program planning, recording, editing to video output, a one-line service.

Event coordinator support
As we mentioned above, Bigbeat has a wealth of experience in both virtual and physical events. You are more than welcome to ask them for any help and advice not only technical matters, but also on event planning as well. 


All efforts of KODOU are aimed at giving organizers and participants a comfortable online experience and a success virtual event. Of course, there are lot more features we didn’t mention here (they are too many), so if you are interested in KODOU, please feel free to contact Bigbeat at any time. 

Let’s create an unforgettable virtual event with KODOU! 
We hope to work with you soon.