2023.2.16 Column

Leadership is the role of a leader! ~Two important things in Leadership

There are variety of books that indicates about the importance of “leadership” and what is necessary to become “a leader”.
There are wide range of things that are required to become a leader, Today, we would like to share "Two Important Things in Leadership," written by our CEO Yutaka Hamaguchi in January 2023.

In Japan, there are words "Participatory Leadership" and "Participation of All the Employees in Management". It means these refer to a method in which all members of an organization work together to make decisions and achieve results.

Sometimes this approach is good, but not all of the time.
When speedy decisions are required, when important management decisions must be made (sometimes it is necessary to accept criticism from stake holders and go for it), when both sides are right and wrong but one side must decide, etc.
Leadership is gradually developed when leaders exercise leadership in such situations and make decisions (even when they are prepared to face criticism). Leaders should not evade one's responsibilities, Hamaguchi said.

We hope this column will be useful to you and help you get to know our company.

leadership. when it comes to leader of Hamaguchi's birthpalce? When it comes to leader of Hamaguchi's birthplace, it's historical character, Ryoma Sakamoto who lived around 200 year ago.

Leadership is the role of a leader!

Write: Yutaka Hamaguchi, CEO, Bigbeat Inc.

This first column for 2023 will focus on leadership.

We are living in a time of social upheaval, The Pandemic., Wars, and climate change. I thought I would write about this theme because I have often thought that leadership is important not only in politics but also in each of our lives, whether in the business scene, in our country, or in society. This is just my opinion based on my own experience.

What I would like to tell you is leadership is a role of leader. The important things of the role are two.
One is to make a decision. Especially urgent and important things (which opinions are divided).
And the other is to steer into a place of great change.

leadership, two important things which Hamaguchi think.

I was 28 years old when I first became a team leader at work. . It was the time when I was working at an advertising agency, as for my first job after graduated uni.
The experience of middle management position with five members and looking after hundreds, millions yen was a lot of challenge, but was precious experience.

I started my own business at the age of 33, as a company representative, and have worked in this position as a leader for about 32 years. In terms of length alone, I would say I am a full-fledged leader.

Showing leadership, as it is, the most important role of to be the “leader”. Specifically, I now believe that the following two things were important. (Of course, there are many o things I need to deal. such as apologizing to clients, for example...)

To make a decision. Especially urgent and important things (which opinions are divided)

One is to make a decision, as you know.

Leadership, or the most important role of a leader, is to make a decision, and to show the decision as clear as possible. so that the team will note get lost. And to reach the goal. If you find yourself making a mistake, say, "My decision was wrong, and I am sorry. Now, this is how we change it!"

Strong and prompt decisions are needed, especially on matters under discussion, agree and disagree. Sometimes it is said “dictatorial” or ”authoritative” leader, this is the kind of leadership that is required in such situations.

If it allows to take a time to discuss matters, it could be considered part of the leadership training and leave it to the next generation of potential leaders to gather the relevant people to discuss and decide.

I disagree that leaders should take the time to make democratic decisions on important and urgent matters. However, it goes without saying that it is important to explain and clarify the decision and the reasons for it to all concerned.

Leadership is the role of to make a decision, I realized it at an early stage.

At first, I was afraid to make a quick decision, but then I suddenly realized that my job was to make a quick decision. Once I realized this, I gradually became able to do so. (Although quick decision-making and correct judgment did not always go hand in hand.)

Peter F. Drucker said the following.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

The safe zone is actually dangerous.

Another important thing in leadership, which I never thought of it as leadership, and which I have been suffering from since I was young, is to steer to where the waves and swells are high. It means that to steer into a place of great change.

The place where waves are rough, that is where I think some change is happening. Indistinctly, I want to avoid steering towards it. However, my ideal self whisper that the center looks safe, but in fact it is neither safe nor interesting. I am raring to get steering there.
If that's the case, I have no choice but to steer in that direction. Maybe I'm just a bit stupid.

There were many times when I was reluctant to steer into a place where the waves were rough. However, there I met people who gave me opportunities, who gave me advice, and who became trigger for change. The accumulation of small opportunities has changed me a lot.

I would like to advise others on small changes that they may not be aware of and encourage them to take advantage of opportunities at appropriate timing, just as others have done for me. I want to be a leader who can create such small opportunities.

If management was a voyage, in our company the captain's (my) policy is to steer the ship where there are rough waves, so the ship rolls and pitches a little bit. This voyage sometimes causes seasickness, but I think that the safer the route looks without waves, the more danger lurks, and you may not encounter many pleasant scenes or interesting people.

The words of Mr. Hiromasa Ezoe, the founder of Recruit Co., Ltd., and the company's former motto:

Create your own opportunities by yourself and change yourself through those opportunities.


This is similar to what I want to convey above.

Where the waves are rough, you will find many opportunities.
I know many people who don't want to go to those places and lament that the waves don't come, that their time has not come.

If it doesn't work, it's okay, so don't be ignorant and give it a try at least once.

The reason I now think leadership as a important theme is that, I have been able to change myself slightly through 30 years of leadership work, as I have had the opportunity to gain experience in business and management, where change is inevitable.

at the his birthplace.