2022.9.13 Case Study

Effective way to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool in Japan

When we consider about “Social Media” as a key tool for B2B, what would be the effective way to use this as a marketing tool?
As Bigbeat have been supporting their clients for their marketing activity, social media is also an important tool in Japan.
Today, we would like to introduce one of our client’s case study, using LinkedIn.

- Recent Trends of social media
- Introduction of Case Study

Recent Trends of social media

Before sharing our case study, the current Japan's Top Social Media Networks for 2022 is as below :

As you can see from the graph above, the most-used social media platform in Japan is LINE, with 79.6% of Internet users using it. It is followed by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are commonly used for B2B marketing in Japan. Twitter is rated as one of the most used platforms by working professionals, with nearly half of all working professionals using Twitter at least once a week, according to a Twitter report.

Contrary to overseas, LinkedIn is not a very often used social media platform for business in Japan.
According to the 2022 report, the potential audience that marketers can reach by advertising on LinkedIn is around 3.0 million, 2.8% of the total population aged 18+. In fact, LinkedIn announced in August 2022 that their service had over 3.0 million registered users in Japan.
LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet, but it is still not well known in Japan.

reference cited: LinkedIn: privacy and low-self disclosure(Japan’s Top Social Media Platforms in 2022)

However, for those who has specific target audience to approach, the numbers are not always the matter. For example, in the terms of “brand awareness” do we need to keep the “numbers” as priority, or the “quality” of targeting?
The answer is, it depends on your goal, but, if we want to keep the quality, LinkedIn would be one of the solution.

Introduction of Case Study

Below is a case study of strategy to use LinkedIn, for client’s B2B marketing, especially for brand awareness.

Since some our clients tend to have their specific target audience to reach, LinkedIn has the effective tool to reach out.
From job titles, job seniority, company industry, and even target company name, LinkedIn allows us to have the detail target audience settings, so that we could keep on measuring how we have attacked the specific audience. Although, this could be able to be done in Facebook, or other SEM activities,LinkedIn is more of a profile based system, therefore, the accuracy rate is higher in comparison to other social media tools.

Example of LinkedIn Targeting Strategy for B2B Marketing. (Case Study)

LinkedIn Posting Ad - Target Reach image-01LinkedIn Posting Ad - Target Reach image-01

Although, there are some cases that the clients want to reach out to wider audience targeting. It is important to understand the key points and usage of each tool, to fit the clients need.


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