2020.9.2 Report

Where your company can show off its latest digital advancements: JBpress DX World

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, physical exhibitions all over the world have been canceled or postponed. Many B2B companies and organizers have turned to online seminars and exhibitions to produce good quality leads and raise awareness of their companies in wake of this. 

Japan is no different and businesses have been looking for digital ways to generate more business. One such event is the JBPress DX World hosted by JBpress, one of the fastest growing economic medias in Japan. The show is held from November 16 to December 4, 2020 and features a virtual exhibition area where exhibitors can show off their latest products and services while generating quality leads in Japan. 


JBpress stands for Japan Business press and is a premier economic online media in Japan and is a part of the Japan Business Group.
The mission of JBpress is “to increase the competitive edge of businesspersons through information provided based on a distinct perspective” and is the fastest growing economic media in Japan.
The bulk of their readers are in the manager class or above and they have over 60 million-page views per month, 12 million unique browsers per month, and 110,000 registered users (as of May 2020).

JBpress DX World 1st Digital Innovation EXPO 2020 is an online exhibition held in Japan by JBPress from November to December 2020.

JBpress DX World 2020 has the theme "Developing through digital power, the future in post-Corona" 

The first JBpress DX World has the theme “Developing through digital power, the future in post-Covid.”
The focus of the virtual B2B exhibition is to help management solve problems though digital strength in the post-Covid-19 era.
The show is targeted at executives, managers, as well as various departments such as DX departments, corporate planning departments, HR, information systems, and more. 

Outline of JBpress DX World

Name: The 1st JBpress DX World
Organizer: JBpress 
Dates: 11/16/2020 – 12/4/2020
Visitors: 2,000 ~ 3,000 (expected)
Target: Executives and managers in DX department, corporate planning, HR, accounting, legal, sales and marketing, information systems department, etc.

Five Exhibition zones about the latest digital technologies and developments

The expo has five zones with themes around the latest digital technologies and developments that visitors can freely explore:

1. DX Zone 
AI, data analysis, IoT, 5G, VR/AR, subscriptions, security, DX consulting, etc.

2. Work Style Reform Zone 
Telework, RP, HR tech, accounting/ERP, workflow, expense settlements, digital invoicing, business chat, online meetings, file sharing, etc.

3.  Marketing & Sales Zone 
SFA, CRM, MA, business card management, call center/CTI, online consultation, list creations, AI for sales & marketing, CX improvement, CDP, DMP, email, general web marketing, etc.

4. Manufacturing and Innovation Zone 
Smart factory, MaaS, digital twin, CPS, AI for manufacturing, design & production, IoT/M2M, robot, wearables, SCM/RFID, logistics, and construction tech. 

5. Retail Innovation Zone
EC/O2O/omnichannel, cashless, self-checkout/POS, AI for logistics, SCM/RFID, multi-store management, digital signage, GIS orders, etc.  

The categories provide a diverse range of areas where companies can show off their latest digital innovations and generate leads virtually.

Furthermore, it also features five different themed online forums that will be broadcasted throughout the online exhibitions.
These themes of course correspond with the exhibition zones:

1.    Digital Innovation Forum 2020 
2.    Workstyle Innovation Forum 2020 
3.    Marketing & Sales Innovation Forum 2020 
4.    Manufacturing Innovation 2020 
5.    Retail Innovation 2020

Why exhibit at JBpress DX World?

Virtual exhibitions are a very effective way at spreading your company’s brand and generate leads over a large area.
While many B2B tradeshows are in large city centers (for the most part in Tokyo), this online event makes it possible for anyone anywhere to participate the event (only available in Japanese). 

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to switch to remote work, many companies are looking for new solutions to make their new work models more efficient and better connected. There are many companies who are currently struggling with this transition in Japan and need the support of digital innovators.
So, it is the perfect opportunity to reach those and make a case for your product to them.  

 Furthermore, at the Digital Innovation EXPO, your company will have its own ‘booth’ where you are able to upload PDF documents, videos, and other general information on your company.
Exhibitors are provided with a list of leads with the visitors of their booth to use for their follow and depending on the level of sponsorship can receive a list of visitors for the following:

    ・Visitors at your zone
    ・Visitors of your online seminar
    ・Visitors of a guest speaker’s seminar sponsored by your company
    ・A list of all registrants

Depending on your company’s sponsorship level it is possible to have your own online seminar session allowing interested visitors to learn more about your company and its products as well as direct more visitors to your booth.
It is also possible to sponsor a guest speaker’s session and spread your company’s brand to an even wider audience. 

Sponsor Plans
Different Sponsors Plan are available at 1st Digital Innovation EXPO 2020Different Sponsors Plans are available at the 1st JBpress Digital World.

An opportunity for business

With the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are looking for new solutions to support their business and help them adjust to the ‘new normal’ of life. Since the world is becoming more and more digital, the exchange of knowledge and development of technology is becoming faster and faster. People need online exhibitions like this to quickly gather valuable information to keep up with the fast pace.

The 1st JBpress DX World is a perfect opportunity for companies who have those solutions to reach those who need it.
For those companies who are interested in learning more about this online exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us here!

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Originally published September 2, 2020, updated November 13, 2020.