2019.11.5 Report

Japan IT Week Report: the latest technology in IoT, Information Security and more!

Japan IT WeekJapan IT Week Autumn is one of the largest IT and technology trade shows in Japan. It is made up of 12 specialized exhibition areas that include IoT/M2M Expo, Embedded Systems Expo, Information Security Expo, Cloud Computing Expo, AI & Business Automation Expo, and more.
Japan IT Week is held 3 times a year: Japan IT Week Kansai, Japan IT Week Spring, and Japan IT Autumn. It is a quintessential exhibition for any IT company in Japan to participate in. 

In 2019, there were over 48,000 visitors and 280 exhibiting companies (you can find a complete list here) over the 3-day event.
It features very small start-ups to large multinational corporations like Microsoft. Many Japanese companies looking to modernize their equipment, software, and security attend the show looking for the latest solutions and information, so it is a great oppertunity to gain new leads. 

Bigbeat was present at the show supporting the booth of several companies. 
Here is a report on several of those booths and pictures from the show. 

Encourage Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Encourage Technologies at Japan IT WeekBigbeat was once again honored to support Encourage Technologies with the design and management of another one of their booths. (You can find our previous case study with Encourage Technologies here).

This was the first Japan IT Week that Encourage Technologies exhibited, and they wanted to focus on branding and what kind appeal their company has. The original concept and size of the booth went through large changes through out the design and planning process. Despite this, Bigbeat was able to smoothly support the planning and lead up to the event, helping to lead the design of the booth, giveaway items, etc. Being Encourage Technologies’ first Japan IT Week, Bigbeat was very happy to support their success at the exhibition show. 

Encourage Technologies at Japan IT WeekEncourage Technologies booth at Japan IT Week

Blue Planet-works, Inc.

Blue Planet-works booth at Japan IT Week

Bigbeat proposed two designs, a Pacific Ocean and space themed booth, for the Blue Planet-works booth at Japan IT Week during the bidding process. Blue Planet-works chose us and the space themed booth. Bigbeat also supported the operation of the booth. Blue Planet-works used the booth the showcase their security software: APPGUARD.  

Blue Planet-works choose Bigbeat with 3 weeks left until the start of Japan IT Week, but we made sure to quickly organize everything to ensure their success.

Appguard booth at Japan IT WeekHere are other photos from around the exhibition. 

Hitachi Hight Tech boot at Japan IT WeekHitachi High Tech Exhibiting the in the IoT/M2M EXPO AUTUMN exhibition.

Microsoft both at Japan IT WeekMicrosoft and Oracle were exhibiting in the Cloud & BRP area of the exhibition.

BizRobo booth at Japan IT WeekRPA Companies made a big showing at this years Japan IT Week. BizRobo was one of the several RPA companies exhibiting at the show.

SmartHR booth at Japan IT WeekThe presentation area of the Smart HR booth where they gave presentations on their cloud HR software.

AMD booth at Japan IT WeekAMD was present at the show, showing off their latest embedded processors.

Fujitsu booth at Japan IT WeekFujistu’s booth in the IoT/M2M EXPO AUTUMN.

Abit booth at Japan IT WeekYou could of course find the latest in 5G and IoT at the exhibition.

QuoPay booth at Japan IT WeekWith the recent 2% increase on the consumption tax, cashless pay options have jumped in popularity as many places are giving 5% discounts for using a cashless option.

SlalesForce booth at Japan IT WeekSales Force using a camp themed booth to show off their CRM & AI products in the Sales Automation & CRM Expo Autumn area.

A varity of companies in different IT sectors

The show featured a wide variety of companies in different IT sectors, with booths from large international companies to very small startups. Japan IT week is one of the best exhibitions to gather information or gain new sales leads. 
Next time Japan IT week Kansai floor plan

IT Week in 2020: don't miss it!

After the Japan IT Week Osaka in January 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Japan IT Week Sprint 2020 has been posponed. On the other hand, Japan IT Week Autumn 2020 will be held phisycally as planned at Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, from October 28th to October 30th, 2020. If you are considering expanding your business in Japan, IT week is a perfect opportunity to gain leads and increase your awareness in Japan. 

Bigbeat has 25 years of experience supporting Foreigner own B2B companies with their marketing activities in Japan. 
If you are considering exhibiting at the show, please do not hesitate to contact Bigbeat for more information! You can contact us here. 

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Originally published November 5, 2019, updated October 27, 2020.