2020.6.16 Column

Industry Expo, a virtual platform for B2B manufacturing companies to promote their business overseas

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, live events all over the world have been canceled and many marketers have been left wondering how they will generate the same quality leads the same way they did at live trade shows. But even without face-to-face interaction, companions can still find meaningful ways to engage with their customers through virtual environments

Many B2B marketers already know about virtual trade shows or they may have already participated in one themselves. While they may not offer the same level of engagement as a live trade show, they offer an opportunity to expand your business and create new sales opportunities. 

Bigbeat, looking to help our customers overcome the current challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, have become the primary agent in Japan and Thailand of Industry Expo. This is a year long virtual exhibition hosted by Eidikos Communications Ltd. (Kent, United Kingdom).

Using this blog, we want to introduce this great opportunity for companies in the manufacturing industries to promote themselves. 


Industry: Manufacturing and Industry 
・Those who are looking to expand their business mainly in Europe, but also the US and Asia.
・Companies facing problems creating business opportunities lost by the lack of live trade shows. 

What is Industry Expo?

Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition is a virtual trade show host by Eidikos Communications Ltd., who organizes multiple virtual events.

It is a comprehensive virtual exhibition held as a new place of business for companies that support manufacturing, as live events have been canceled or postponed this year.
Despite being an online event, Industry Expo is able to create an interactive atmosphere and the sense of ‘physically’ from visiting a trade show, allowing you to ‘walk' around the exhibition hall and visit different booths.

Exhibiting companies can show off content that they would use at any live trade show, such as exhibition posters, brochures, and videos. There is a stable stream of visitors throughout the year, who visit the online event to look for new products and solutions to support their business. 

Event outline 

Name: Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition 
Dates: 2020, possible to access 24 hrs 365 days a year
Organizer: Eidikos Communications Ltd.
Location: Online (Based in the UK)
Exhibiting Companies: 44 exhibitors (As of June) 
Attendees: Over 1000 PV/day. Over 15,000 PV/week. 
                        Over 10 million PV since the beginning of 2020.   

Target Audience 

・Manufacturing (machine manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, bearings)
・Warehousing & Distribution, Packaging and bottling
・Health service / Medical
・Food, drink and tobacco
・Aerospace, Rail, Marine
・Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Allied trades
・Consulting, Professional & Scientific services 
・Construction engineering
・Automotive and components 
・Electricity / Infrastructure (gas, hydro, nuclear, oil)
・Renewable energy, Oil production & Exploration
・Glass, Cement, Plastics, Rubber, Bricks,
・Communication, Mobile & Telecoms
・Textiles, Clothing & Footwear

Exhibiting Company Products 

・Machinery/ Industrial technology / Other industrial equipment and facilities
・Renewable energy / Power electronics / Energy storage systems
・Autonomous transportation / Industrial electric drives / Hydraulic drives
・Machinery / Tools / Bearings / Pumps & Valves / Motors / Compressors /Boilers
・Sensors / Measuring instruments / Control systems / Monitoring
・Security / IoT / AI / Robotics / 3D / CAD / CAM / Cloud systems


3 reasons why your company should exhibit at Industry Expo 

1. It is a platform for business that is not restricted by location or time

Since there is no physical ‘venue’ for Industry Expo, visitors can access the B2B virtual trade show from anywhere at any time. This allows your company to promote itself to a very wide range of audience all around the world. 

While most virtual trade shows are held for a several weeks or a month, Industry Expo is held all year long. That is right 365 days a year, allowing your company a space for promotion throughout the year.

Due to the active promotion by the organizer there is a steady flow of visitors to this online event. On Average, there are over 1,000 visitors a day and over 10,000 visitors a week. 


2. Its effectiveness as a sales tool

All visitors’ data who access your company’s booth is recorded in the system and downloadable. This allows your company to see which visitors are interested in what product or service.

Exhibitors can also see how long visitors were at their booths and what content was downloaded, to give your sales team the tools to make a more tailored approach. 

Furthermore, this allows you to see what material has performed well and vice versa, allowing you to analyze what kind of content attracts visitors and so on.  

3. The interactive platform creates the atmosphere of a physical trade show

Many virtual trade shows are a series of web pages that let visitors click through different ‘booths,’ but they do not really give off a sense of physical interaction with the environment.

Industry Expo however is a completely 3D rendered exhibition hall that visitors can ‘walk’ through and explore the different booth.
Visitors can easily navigate the hall and visit any booth that piques their interest, creating an enjoyable interactive user experience. 

All booths have also been 3D rendered and can allow your company to really brand its booth and make the space its own. It is even possible to create 3D rendered models of your products to show off to visitors. 

Check out this short video for a preview! 

A global platform to promote your B2B business through digital marketing

Right now, many companies are facing huge challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The loss of physical trade shows has created a huge gap for B2B companies looking to expand their businesses overseas because those were a place to make business connections in new markets. But companies cannot wait for physical trade shows to return and they need to fill in that gap created by the pandemic. 

This is why Bigbeat has become a primary agent of Eidikos, so that we can support our clients to create new business opportunities and help them overcome the current crisis. 

Furthermore, going forward we believe that even with the return of physical trade shows, virtual trade shows such as Industry Expo will become a key strategic tool in B2B marketing. 

If you are interested in learning more about Industry Expo, you can download more information here!

Or please feel free to contact us now!  

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