2019.10.24 Report

CEATEC 2019 Report: How IT is transforming the future of cities through AI and IoT

CEATEC is one of the largest tech and IT exhibitions in Japan.
This year it was held from October 15-18 at Makuhari Messe hall.
There was a large emphasis on the latest AI and IoT technology at this year’s event.

The exhibition saw 144,491 Visitors and 787 exhibiting companies/orginizations. CEATEC has been increasing in both size and importance as the years have gone by and has become a great opportunity for companies to show off their latest products and advances. 

CEATEC 2019: a large emphasis on AI and IoT technology

The AI and IoT booths stood out at this year’s CEATEC.

Socionext booth at CEATEC 2019TDK booth at CEATEC 2019TDK booth at CEATEC 2019OKI booth at CEATEC 2019While the normal tech and IT companies were at the event, CEATEC also saw many companies from separate industries such PARAMOUNT BED, JTB, ANA, Nexco East and more.  

The PARAMOUNT BED booth where they were displaying their bed that moves with the person laying down.

The JTB booth where they show cased their digital technology aimed at the tourism industry.

You could find ANA showing off their robot avatar hands controlled with gloves.

Nexco East had their latest MR technology which gives the user the ability to see steel bars in structures using a pair of goggles.

Our own Joseph trying the goggles on.

Most of the booths at the show, however, featured products that would be used in everyday life. Many companies showed off demos of their products and services that will continue to improve the future.

Fujistu used a musical to talk about their latest AI technology that will be used in businesses and homes.

Hitachi displaying their IoT solutions in a home shaped booth.

The NEC booth where they had their ‘developmental flying car’ 

There were also international companies using the show as an opportunity to show their products, have demos, and hold business meetings.
After talking with several people, many of them said their companies was exhibiting in CEATEC in order to raise their brand awareness and expand their business in Japan.

Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future: Society 5.0

The theme of this year’s CEATEC was “Connecting Society, Co-Creating the Future” and the Society 5.0 (the ultra-smart society designed to further economic development and the solution of social problems) are had a wide variety of companies from different industries. 

CEATEC 2019 was an impressive platform to show off the latest technology that will go on to become a useful part of society and business. The event was a perfect opportunity to show off solutions and products to a wide variety of people looking for the newest solutions to give their business an edge. 


In order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 pandemicCEATEC 2020 will be held from October 20 – 23, 2020 online. 
If you want to attend it, register from the event website for free!

Also, don’t hesitate to consult Bigbeat if your company is considering exhibiting at CEATEC or any other exhibition show in Japan! You can contact us here!

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Originally published October 24, 2019, updated October 20, 2020.